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A. An overview of 2CH 4 shows that the furniture and instruments of the temple were numerically and dimensionally greater than what was set down in the order for the tabernacle of the congregation. 1. The temple’s construction was according to God’s pattern as was the tabernacle. EXO 25:9, 40; NUM 8:4 c/w 1CH 28:11-12, 19. 2. The pattern was of heavenly things to be cleansed by Christ. HEB 8:1-5; 9:22-23. 3. The upgrade of Solomon’s temple may have been a practical innovation since Israel had grown in number and prosperity, requiring greater facilities to receive offerings. 4. Inasmuch as the temple was a type and shadow of Christ, perhaps its increase also pointed to Him, Whose atoning work is of such measure that it provides for all His people, whether they be Jew or Gentile, born or yet to be born. EPH 3:4-6, 14-19 c/w REV 7:9. 5. Whereas the furniture and instruments increased in size and number, 2CH 5 shows that the ark remained the same. c/w HEB 13:8. a. Christ died once as a single, sufficient sacrifice for sin, never having to be re- offered in any manner whatsoever. HEB 7:27; 9:12, 24-28; 10:11-14; 1PE 3:18. b. His New Testament is the Last Testament under which He died, and therefore His heirs’ inheritance is eternal, unchanging and secure. HEB 9:15. B. ZEC 4:6-9. 1. The Book of Zechariah deals with Israel’s return to and repossession of their land after the exodus from the Babylonian captivity. 2. Israel’s exodus from Egypt was by mighty power which destroyed Egypt and opened up the Red Sea (DEU 4:37), as was also their entrance into and possession of Canaan. 3. This movement, though, would not be by might or power but by God’s spirit. a. God’s spirit would abide with them and be in them. HAG 2:2-5; EZE 37:11-14. b. They prospered in the work by the spirit-given prophecies of Haggai and Zechariah (EZR 5:1; 6:14) and those who move according to such influence do so by faith. ROM 10:17. 4. Those operating by faith can do great things in spite of seeming great obstacles, even to the removing of mountains. v. 7 c/w 1CO 13:2. 5. Zerubbabel is a type of Christ in that he began and finished the work. v. 9 c/w HEB 12:2. a. Zerubbabel only brought forth the headstone. v. 7. b. Christ IS the headstone. PSA 118:22 c/w MAT 21:42; 1PE 2:7. 6. The workers, upon seeing the foundation of this house of the LORD laid, deemed it pitiful. EZR 3:12; HAG 2:3. a. But God would put upon this house a greater glory than the former. HAG 2:9 c/w LUK 2:25-32. b. So, “...who hath despised the day of small things...” (ZEC 4:10). c. Let us not trivialize small acts of faith. LUK 16:10; 19:17; MAT 17:20. C. In music to affect mood and thought, I noted the exclusion of instrumental music in the N.T. church, and how that in the O.T. church the original use of instruments was very sparse but David added many instruments. A brother asked me about 2CH 29:25 which shows that there was divine authority for such. The brother has a worthy point. 1. I have long been aware of 2CH 29:25 and do not dispute it. a. I also am on record as having preached that David’s addition of musical instruments Timbits 5 6-30-19 Page 1 of 2 the final sermon of the series, “Cults and Their Appeal,” in which I dealt with the power of had heavenly support. b. I have also preached that AMO 6:3-7 is not a proof text that David’s instruments were a fundamental reason for the impending captivity. (1) If inventing musical instruments was a judgment-causing sin, then stretching out on a couch or eating lamb or veal (obvious liberties) were judgment- causing sins also. (2) The judgment-causing sin was the indulgent luxury of the wealthy who exploited and were indifferent to the afflictions of their brethren. AMO 6:1, 6; 4:1. (3) AMO 6:5 implies that they were capitalizing on David’s record for what they were doing (a durable folly). (4) ISA 5:11-13 shows that their musical instruments in no way enhanced their regard for the work of the LORD. They stir emotions but do not instruct in righteousness. c. I have also learned by experience to be cautious of making too much of what great men of God (like David) did. What God commands is of primary importance. 2. The original ordained instrumental music for Mosaic Tabernacle service was rare trumpet- blowing. LEV 23:24; 25:9; NUM 10:1-10. 3. The additional musical instruments were of David. 1CH 13:8; 15:16-28; 16:4-6. 4. David’s instruments were for his tabernacle, not the Mosaic Tabernacle of Witness. David had not added to the commandment for music for the Mosaic Tabernacle service. Things that are different are not the same. 5. Once established, these instruments were made part of the Temple service (2CH 5:12; 9:11; 29:25, etc.). The Temple also differed in construction material, size, permanence, etc. from the original Tabernacle system. The Mosaic Tabernacle and David’s tabernacle both were set aside by the Temple and its system. 6. Not everything which God ordained for Israel was according to original intent. a. The “easy divorce” law of DEU 24:1-4 was by divine authority also but it was not God’s original order. MAT 19:3-9. b. Similar reasoning would apply to the allowance for polygamy which was not according to God’s original order for marriage, per MAT 19:3-9. c. God commanded Samuel to give Israel a king contrary to His original design for Israel. 1SAM 8:4-22 c/w HOS 13:9-11. 7. David did have divine authority for his instruments but that was distinct from the original instructions for the Mosaic Tabernacle service. What God permitted and ordained through David which ended up in Temple service is not a rule for us. 8. None of the musical instruments in O.T. worship carry over into N.T. worship. Nor is any other musical instrument authorized, only singing. 9. The gift of prophecy is no more. We HAVE a more sure word of prophecy. 2PE 1:19. a. None since the apostles can claim to add to what they commanded and presume to have God rubber-stamp it by revelation. b. We have no word from God telling N.T. ministers, “Now therefore hearken unto their voice...” (1SAM 8:9), making popular demand the justification for altering God’s commandments. Timbits 5 6-30-19 Page 2 of 2
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