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What saith the scriptures?

We are an historic baptist church that believes in the Divine inspiration and authority of the King James Bible as the word of God in English which is the only standard of our beliefs and practices. As the scriptures teach, we believe that only believers in the Lord Jesus Christ may be baptized, and that baptism is necessary for membership in a local church. The local church was meant to be a vessel for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ; the expression on earth of His divine government of the kingdom of heaven; a cote into which His sheep should obediently press for safety, comfort, instruction, improvement of faith and all attendant blessings of the Holy Spirit Who indwells it. For more information on our beliefs and practices, please read our Statement of Beliefs.

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For some food for thought see the Thought for the Day normally authored by Pastor Tim Boffey and occasionally authored by other church members.

We also have a large library of digital sermons for your edification. We urge all who use this online ministry to not make it a substitute for gospel obedience in repenting of sin, believing Jesus Christ and His written word, and being properly baptized into a genuine local church that is walking in the truth so as to assemble with them for corporate praise of Almighty God (MAR 1:15; ACT 2:38-47; ACT 8:12; ACT 26:20; EPH 3:20-21; HEB 10:25).

Latest Sermons and Bible Studies

This is just the 25 most recent sermons and Bible studies. You may find these and more in our complete list of sermons and Bible studies.

The Simplicity in Christ Part 4

B. Satan can wedge himself in between God’s words and your mind by playing word-games like the cults do in repurposing Biblical terms and concepts. 1. The Trinity of a Christian Scientist is not the “God in Three Persons” of 1JO 5:7 but rather Life, Truth, Love. 2. The Jesus Christ of the Jehovah’s Witnesses is not the Incarnate Deity of JOH 1:14; 1TI 3:16 but a created god who is really Michael the Archangel, and he did not rise and ascend bodily into heaven. 3. To the Mormon, Jesus Christ is the son of...

Other Errors Concerning Mary

I. As noted in previous studies, Mary, the mother of Jesus, has a unique, blessed and important place in God’s plan. The Biblical Mary should not be diminished. A. However, as seen in other studies, Catholicism in particular has made more of Mary than God has assigned to her according to Scripture. The current Catholic version/vision of Mary is not supported by Scripture. B. The Jews gave Abraham undue importance. LUK 3:8; ROM 9:7. 1. Jesus taught that Abraham after death could not do anything for sinner...

The Simplicity in Christ Part 3

M. Effective communication requires a clear conveyance of message from giver to receiver. 1. Consider very small children who are unable to process spoken language. a. Parents can successfully convey a message of love to them by tender care and supply of their needs, touch, smiles and positive vocal tones. b. Parents can successfully convey messages about boundaries by measured physical pain combined with a simple verbal “No.” c/w PRO 29:15. c. Do not wait for a child to develop oral language skills to b...

The Simplicity in Christ Part 2

Update to point IV.E.2 from last week: a. The Fall began as a marital tug-of-war: Satan pulling Eve away from Adam’s headship, and she was not even a silly woman, per 2TI 3:6. b. John warns the elect lady to not entertain a deceiver. 2JO 1:10. c. Eve gave heed (careful attention, care, observation, regard) to a seducing spirit. c/w 1TI 4:1. d. There is wisdom in shutting the door to contradiction. PRO 19:27.

V. All Scripture is profitable (2TI 3:16) but the New Testament given through Christ’s apos...

The Simplicity in Christ Part 1

I. This study examines various means by which Satan frustrates the word of God, particularly in believers.

II. Definitions. A. corruption: The perversion of anything from an original state of purity. B. simplicity: The state or quality of being simple in form, structure, etc.; absence of compositeness, complexity, or intricacy. C. simple: Free from duplicity, dissimulation, or guile; innocent and harmless; undesigning, honest, open, straightforward. D. beguile: trans. To entangle or over-reach wit...

Thoughts on Deuteronomy 12

Was Mary A Perpetual Virgin?

I. This study is a supplement to a previous study, “Mary’s Other Children.” A. Jesus had other siblings. MAT 13:55-56; GAL 1:19. B. The primary definition of “brother” is one who is a son of the same parent or parents. C. Scripture knows nothing of Joseph fathering children by another woman. D. Mary only conceived miraculously once. E. Therefore, Jesus’s siblings must have been the children of Joseph and Mary by normal marital intercourse.

II. Romanists, however, hold that Mary was a perpetual virg...

The Better Covenant

Premise: The new covenant of which Christ is Mediator is a superior covenant. HEB 7:22; 8:6.

A. This covenant is made with the house of Israel and the house of Judah. HEB 8:8. 1. It embraces God's elect of all nations, Jew or Gentile. ROM 9:8; GAL 3:29; ROM 2:28-29. 2. Elect Gentiles are in Christ graft into the covenantal blessings of Israel and Judah. ROM 11:17; EPH 2:12-13.

B. By His superior priestly ministry, Christ is the mediator of this better covenant. 1. This covenant is mediate...

The Intersection of Church and Secular Politics Part 2

III. The church of Jesus Christ seeks friendly diplomatic relations with the secular government where it can. A. Its primary business is the gospel and the promotion of all applicable law from God. MAR 16:20; MAT 4:4; 2TI 3:16; PSA 119:128; COL 2:20-22. 1. It emphasizes the New Testament of the Spirit of Christ which promotes life and liberty. 2CO 3:6, 17; 1CO 7:21-23. 2. This spiritual life and liberty affirms self-discipline and self-restraint in deference to a higher purpose. GAL 5:1, 13; 1PE 2:16. 3....

Naboth the Jezreelite

I. No study of the life and times of Elijah would be complete without considering the seizure of Naboth's vineyard by Ahab and Jezebel, for it was there that God again sent Elijah to challenge the king. 1KI 21 c/w PRO 1:17-19. A. When Israel rashly desired a king like the nations, God warned them about things like this. 1SAM 8:14. B. One would think that someone with riches, prestige and power like Ahab would need no more, but man's nature is covetous. PRO 27:20; ECC 5:10. C. Ahab had an eye for ...

Marital Conflict

I. Marital conflict is normal. 1CO 7:28. A. Sometimes it stems from sin, other times from insecurities, misunderstandings, differing visions/goals, etc. B. Personality plays a role and personality issues can be innate and/or formed. Either way, personality is governable. Beware of, “I just can’t help myself...” 1. We are prone to shaping our present by reactions to our past: errors in one’s own upbringing, sin issues which have been repented of but still plague the heart, etc. 2. Beware of superimposing ...

Intersection of Church and Secular Politics Part 1

I. The domains of Christ and Caesar (secular civil power) are separate. MAT 22:21. A. Christ’s kingdom is spiritual and not of this world. LUK 17:20-21; 18:36. B. Christ’s kingdom is a nation in this world. MAT 21:43 c/w 1PE 2:9. 1. The church has a national leader: Christ. 2. The church’s Leader has an administration: the pastorate. 3. The church has ambassadors to those on the outside: evangelists, pastors. 4. The church has a body of law to regulate it: Scripture. 5. The church has regular conventions...

Concerning Intoxicants Part 2

VII. Faulty use of Scripture to advance required abstinence should remind us of the warnings against Pharisaism. MAT 16:12. A. Pharisaism tends to magnify lesser things to the disregard of important things. MAT 23:23-24. B. Pharisaism stresses outward shows of righteousness to the disregard of inward purity. MAT 23:25-28. C. Pharisaism is unwilling to conform to God's standard of righteousness and therefore substitutes artificial standards. MAR 7:1-9. 1. These man-made traditions are worthless forms ...

The Blessed Mary of Scripture

I. Mary, the wife of Joseph, is set forth as a very special person in Scripture. A. She miraculously conceived by the Holy Ghost to bring forth the sinless Jesus. LUK 1:35 c/w MAT 1:18-20 B. Miraculous conception was not unique (ROM 4:19) but virgin conception and birth were. MAT 1:23-25 C. She was hailed as "...blessed among women..." (LUK 1:28, 42) 1. Some have inferred from this that she is divine. 2. What, then, of Jael? JDG 5:24 D. Jesus is the fruit of her womb indeed. LUK 1:42 1. He was ...

Concerning Intoxicants Part 1

I. Definitions. A. intoxicant: An intoxicating substance or liquor. B. intoxicate: trans. To poison. Obs. 2. To stupefy, render unconscious or delirious, to madden or deprive of the ordinary use of the senses or reason, with a drug or alcoholic liquor; to inebriate, make drunk. C. stupefy: trans. To make stupid or torpid; to deprive of apprehension, feeling, or sensibility; to benumb, deaden. D. torpid: Benumbed; deprived or devoid of the power of motion or feeling; in which activity, animation, or devel...

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

I. The ultimate proof that Jesus is the Christ is His resurrection from the dead. ROM 1:3-4. A. All of Jesus’ other signs hinge on the ultimate sign of His resurrection. MAT 12:38-40. B. Without the resurrection, Jesus Christ and His miracles become a lie. 1CO 15:12-18. 1. Christ abides forever. JOH 12:32-34 c/w PSA 89:4; 110:4. 2. Therefore, Jesus cannot be the Christ if He is still dead.

II. There is an abundance of evidence to support faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. ACT 1:3. A. The p...

Witnesses of God

I. Consider a few philosophical arguments for the existence of God. A. The Argument from Efficient Causes. 1. Experience confirms an order of efficient causes, i.e., everything that we observe exists from a cause/effect relationship. 2. Nothing can be the cause of itself since that would imply that it was prior to itself. 3. An indefinite series of efficient causes would result in no first cause and no last effect. If there is no first cause, there could logically be no second cause, and so on. 4. There ...

The Holy Lord Jesus Christ

  1. Jesus Christ is the ultimate man. EPH 4:13.

    1. It is His image to which God has predestinated us to be conformed. ROM 8:29.

    2. A summary of failure in Christian living is when we strive to conform to other models of man.

    3. Jesus Christ was not defined by:

      1. good looks. ISA 53:2.

      2. comedy or partying. ISA 53:3.

      3. a fancy home. MAT 8:20.

      4. material wealth. 2CO 8:9.

      5. praise of men. JOH 7:18.

      6. ...

Mary's Other Children Part 1

  1. I. Scripture speaks of brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ. MAT 12:46-47; 13:55-56; MAR 6:3; LUK 8:19-20; GAL 1:19.

    1. The prophecy of PSA 69:8-9 strongly implies that Jesus had blood siblings. c/w JOH 2:17; 7:3-5.

    2. JOH 2:11-12 distinguishes between His brethren and His disciples.I

  2. If Jesus had blood siblings, then Mary did not remain a virgin after His birth since He alone is the virgin-born Immanuel (MAT 1:23). Mary only conceived one child mir...

God's Chastenings Part 3

  1. L. Those who love the Lord do not rationalize evil.

    1. They hate evil. PSA 97:10.

    2. They eschew (avoid, shun, keep clear of) evil. 1PE 3:11.

    3. They delude not themselves of divine indifference or blindness of evil. PSA 94:6-10; ISA 29:15.

    4. They delude not themselves of divine approval of evil. ROM 3:8.

    5. They do not assume that they can always repent tomorrow. PRO 27:1; 29:1.

  2. M. Also avoid thinking that your ...

God's Chastenings Part 2

  1. V. God’s chastenings/punishments are never excessive (JOB 34:23) and are measured out according to His perfect judgment. JER 30:11; 21:14.

    1. Considering His holiness is such that one bite of forbidden fruit merited death and separation from Himself (GEN 2:17) and a date with the lake of fire, we should be most thankful that He even bothers to chasten us.

      1. In fact, if He were to punish us to within one millimeter of hellfire for even a “little” sin, He could not be faulted...

God's Chastenings Part 1

  1. Definitions.

    1. chasten: trans. To inflict disciplinary or corrective punishment on; to visit with affliction

      for the purpose of moral improvement; to correct, discipline, chastise. (Usually of Divine


    2. chastise: To correct (authoritatively) the faults of; to amend, reform, improve (a person or

      thing). Obs. 3. To inflict punishment or suffering upon, with a view to amendment; also simply, to punish, to inflict punishment (esp....

Joshua at Jordan


  1. The book of Joshua is the account of the O.T. church's entry and conquest of Canaan.

  2. That Canaan was the inheritance for which Israel had waited: their rest. DEU 12:10.

  3. Paul shows us a greater rest in coming in faith fully to Christ. HEB 4:1-11.

In JOS 3, Jesus/Joshua instructs his disciples in preparation for the new era of the church.

v. 1. Joshua promptly sets to the work.

  1. Having received reassurance t...

On Swearing

  1. Definitions.

    1. swear: To make a solemn declaration or statement with an appeal to God or a superhuman

      being, or to some sacred object, in confirmation of what is said; to take an oath.

    2. oath: A solemn or formal appeal to God (or to a deity or something held in reverence or

      regard), in witness of the truth of a statement, or the binding character of a promise or undertaking; an act of swearing; a statement or promise corroborated by such an appea...

The Bible: Why? How? Part 6

XI. God has ever ordained specific repositories for the preservation and transmission of Scripture.

  1. As noted earlier, the O.T. Scripture was given to and committed into the hands of the nation of Israel, the O.T. church. PSA 147:19-20; ROM 3:1-2.

    1. The law was sealed up among His disciples (ISA 8:16), especially the priestly tribe of Levi, and kept in the ark of the covenant. DEU 17:18; 31:24-26.

    2. Of them, the priesthood were especially designated teachers in the O...

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