Timbits 2

1. Ezekiel beheld the appearance of the glory of the LORD as a bow in the cloud. EZE 1:28. A. Compare this with REV 4:3. B. The bow speaks of great mercy and hope of survival inasmuch as it was a token by which God would remember His everlasting covenant with earth and flesh. GEN 9:16. C. God needed to look no further than Himself to remember His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the land upon Israel's repentance. LEV 26:40-45. (1) The salvation that Israel would realize would not be for th...

Timbits 3

Timbits 3 1. 2SAM 7:6. God here described His presence in Israel as having “...walked in a tent and in a tabernacle.” A. This refers to God's presence in Israel from Moses' time and forward as He indwelt the tabernacle. EXO 40:18-19, 34. B. Mind that His presence was then not a fixed but a mobile one. His mobility, among other things, distinguished him from the idol gods of fools. REV 9:20. C. God walked in the midst of the camp to deliver them and make them victorious as long as they remained holy. DEU...

Timbits 4

Timbits 4 1. 2SAM 12:24-25. Solomon's arrival and names are briefly noted here. A. David named his son Solomon according to the word of God (1CH 22:7-9) and Nathan named him Jedidiah. (1) Solomon means, “peaceable or peaceful.” (2) Jedidiah means, “beloved of the LORD.” (3) This child/seed of David was an eminent type of Christ, the son of David (MAT 1:1) of Whom the LORD said, “...This is my beloved Son...” (MAT 3:17) and Who is named, “...The Prince of Peace” (ISA 9:6). (4) The beloved Son is als...

Timbits 5

A. An overview of 2CH 4 shows that the furniture and instruments of the temple were numerically and dimensionally greater than what was set down in the order for the tabernacle of the congregation. 1. The temple’s construction was according to God’s pattern as was the tabernacle. EXO 25:9, 40; NUM 8:4 c/w 1CH 28:11-12, 19. 2. The pattern was of heavenly things to be cleansed by Christ. HEB 8:1-5; 9:22-23. 3. The upgrade of Solomon’s temple may have been a practical innovation since Israel had grown in ...

Timbits 6

  1. GEN 1:1-3.

    1. God brought forth order out of darkness and disorder in creation.

    2. The grave is a place of darkness and disorder. JOB 10:22.

    3. God will have no trouble at all bringing forth glorious, ordered bodies from the grave at

      Christ's return: He knows the process well. PHIL 3:20-21.

    4. Evolutionists generally hold to a spontaneous beginning of life from inanimate matter (life

      from the dead) in the distant past which they have ...

Timbits 7

2CO 3:5-18. A. Paul compares the temporary glory of Moses’s shining countenance with the temporary glory of the Law. B. Moses’s face shone and was vailed as he gave the Law to Israel. EXO 34:29-35. C. Once the Law was given, we read no more of Moses’s shining face and his vail. D. Accordingly, the Law itself was a temporary glory. 1. It was added until Christ. GAL 3:19. 2. It was a schoolmaster to bring men to Christ, not a taskmaster to keep men in bondage to unbearable burdens. GAL 3:24 c/w ACT ...

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