It Begins At Home

It Begins At Home Part 1

  1. This study addresses family matters.

    1. It will treat of husband/wife relationships.

    2. It will treat of the parent/child relationships and the solemn duty of training children.

    3. It will treat of children's responsibility to honor and obey parents.

    4. It will treat of God's order for the home in general, including immediate and extended


    5. It will have a direct relevance to married couples.

    6. It will h...

It Begins At Home Part 2

  1. The relevance of authority authored, authority given, authority exercised and authority submitted to is not to be trivialized.

    1. We are living in a wicked time when respect for authority is under assault.

      1. Police powers no longer command the respect they once did.

      2. Biblical ministers who rule God's house (Heb.13:7, 17) are slandered as tyrants.

      3. Children are corrupted by social forces and delinquent parents to defy parental authority.

It Begins At Home Part 3

  1. Men of faith command their household. Gen.18:19.

    1. Command: "To order, enjoin, bid with authority or influence."

    2. Household: "The inmates of a house collectively; an organized family, including

      servants or attendants, dwelling in a house; a domestic establishment."

    3. A wife is part of "an organized family" and is therefore subject to the commands

      of her husband.

    4. This is reinforced by the fact that the ...

It Begins At Home Part 4

  1. X. Reverence of a spouse is not the sole responsibility of the wife.

    1. Husbands are to be "giving HONOUR unto the wife..." (1 Pe.3:7).

    2. Honour: "High respect, esteem or REVERENCE, accorded to exalted worth or rank; deferential admiration or approbation."

    3. There is therefore to be a mutual reverence and respect within marriage and without this a marriage is in trouble.

      1. The wife reverences her husband as her head, strength an...

It Begins At Home Part 5

  1. C. The day to day order of the household rests very much on the shoulders of the woman.

    1. 1. Men, it is our responsibility to support our wive's efforts to keep an ordered home, not frustrate them by our own bad habits.

    2. 2. Men, do not complicate your wives' efforts at keeping an ordered home by allowing excessive "stuff" to overwhelm the place.

    3. 3. Men, do not impose unreasonable expectations of perfection and cleanliness upon your wives,...

It Begins At Home Part 6

  1. XIV. The training of children is a solemn responsibility of parents. Pro.22:6 c/w Pro.1:8; Eph.6:1.

    1. The successful training of children is very dependent upon the parents' presuppositions about their children.

      1. Here is an "A - Z" list of unhealthy presuppositions about children.

        1. Children are naturally pure, innocent and without innate capacity to sin.

        2. Children will naturally develop good character without guidance.

        3. ...

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