God's Chastenings

God's Chastenings Part 1

  1. Definitions.

    1. chasten: trans. To inflict disciplinary or corrective punishment on; to visit with affliction

      for the purpose of moral improvement; to correct, discipline, chastise. (Usually of Divine


    2. chastise: To correct (authoritatively) the faults of; to amend, reform, improve (a person or

      thing). Obs. 3. To inflict punishment or suffering upon, with a view to amendment; also simply, to punish, to inflict punishment (esp....

God's Chastenings Part 2

  1. V. God’s chastenings/punishments are never excessive (JOB 34:23) and are measured out according to His perfect judgment. JER 30:11; 21:14.

    1. Considering His holiness is such that one bite of forbidden fruit merited death and separation from Himself (GEN 2:17) and a date with the lake of fire, we should be most thankful that He even bothers to chasten us.

      1. In fact, if He were to punish us to within one millimeter of hellfire for even a “little” sin, He could not be faulted...

God's Chastenings Part 3

  1. L. Those who love the Lord do not rationalize evil.

    1. They hate evil. PSA 97:10.

    2. They eschew (avoid, shun, keep clear of) evil. 1PE 3:11.

    3. They delude not themselves of divine indifference or blindness of evil. PSA 94:6-10; ISA 29:15.

    4. They delude not themselves of divine approval of evil. ROM 3:8.

    5. They do not assume that they can always repent tomorrow. PRO 27:1; 29:1.

  2. M. Also avoid thinking that your ...

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