Thy People, My People

A. This account of resolute commitment was during the 450 year period of the judges. RUTH 1:1 c/w ACT 13:19-20. 1. In a time when “...every man did that which was right in his own eyes” (JDG 21:25), we find a woman who did right in God's eyes. 2. Ruth is the only named virtuous woman in Scripture. RUTH 3:11. 3. virtuous: 1. Distinguished by manly qualities; full of manly courage; valiant, valorous. Obs. 2. Possessing or showing virtue in life and conduct; acting with moral rectitude or in conformity with moral laws; free from vice, immorality, or wickedness; good, just, righteous. a. In the current rage of alpha-women and feminism, Ruth’s example of manly qualities stands in sharp relief. b. Manly women like Jezebel are anti-virtuous types to be avoided. 1KI 21:25. 4. A virtuous woman is a rare, valuable thing. PRO 31:10. 5. RUTH 1:16 sets forth the thing that most distinguished Ruth as virtuous.

B. Ruth came from tainted and censured people. RUTH 1:22 c/w DEU 23:3. 1. Moab worshipped the idol god Chemosh. 1KI 11:7. 2. She abandoned family, place and false religion to join herself to true religion, its adherents, and to trust in the true God. RUTH 2:11-12. 3. She did not let her background hinder her from approach. c/w MAT 15:22, 28. 4. She received the full reward of which Boaz spoke. a. Her diligent faith pleased God. HEB 11:6. b. She was graft into the covenant people and made the progenitress of the royal line of David that culminated in Messiah. MAT 1:5. c. Messiah is the descendant of Ruth, as was King David. She was well rewarded. d. Believers should strive for nothing less than a full reward and guard it. 2JO 1:8; COL 2:18.

C. Ruth’s sister in law had also surely determined to identify with Israel but did not follow through. RUTH 1:8-14. 1. Many disciples of Jesus also gave up because of discouragements. JOH 6:60-66. 2. Orpah was like Agrippa who knew and believed but was only almost persuaded (ACT 26:27-28). The cost was too much to bear. 3. Ruth had faith like Abraham: fully persuaded (ROM 4:21). The prize was for her worth the cost. c/w PHIL 3:8. 4. For Ruth, the kingdom where the true God was honored was worth any cost. c/w MAT 13:44-46. 5. She even bound herself by oath to her commitment. RUTH 1:17 c/w HEB 10:38-39.

D. Ruth deemed identity with Naomi's God as being inseparable from Naomi's people (per our text). It is inadequate to only come out of Moab or sin: one must also come into the company of fellow disciples. 1. Those who align with Christ the Head must also align with His church, the body and prefer their company above all others. PSA 119:63; 1JO 1:3; 3:14. 2. Resolute faith means becoming companions of those the world despises, no matter the cost. HEB 10:32-33; 11:24-27. 3. Thus, the disciple is as his Master. MAT 10:23-24. 4. Some would rather be a pillar in the community where their heart is. GEN 19:26 c/w LUK 17:32.

E. Believers do well to consider the place and family of their birth to be only foster parents. 1. Their true homeland is heaven. HEB 11:13-16. 2. Their true family is those who make God’s will their top priority. MAT 12:50. a. God may call only one out of a family for favor and discipleship. ISA 51:2. b. But He also sets them in new families of like precious faith. PSA 68:6; 2PE 1:1. 3. God well rewards all Ruths in this world and in the next. MAT 19:29; LUK 18:29-30.

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