The Right Priorities

The Right Priorities A. Jesus plainly taught that men should prioritize their lives with God first. MAT 6:31-34. 1. kingdom: Kingly function, authority, or power; sovereignty, supreme rule; the position or rank of a king, kingship. 4. trans. and fig. a. The spiritual sovereignty of God or Christ, or the sphere over which this extends, in heaven or on earth; the spiritual state of which God is the head. 2. This kingdom is not carnal/secular but inward and spiritual. LUK 17:20-21; ROM 14:17. a. We know that Jesus reigns as King with all power in heaven and earth. MAT 28:18; 1PE 3:22. b. But is He reigning in our hearts? Are His interests and government only platitudes or only duties for the rest of the creation? What is our chief motivation? If He is not reigning in the heart, then even religious service is nothing more than lip- service. MAT 15:8. c. The heart of man will plow ahead in vain until it is turned to the Lord. 2CO 3:15-16. d. One who has genuinely had an encounter with King Jesus will say, “...Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?...” (ACT 9:6) and then proceed to do as directed, subjugating his will to God’s. 3. The first concern of a submitted heart in any situation should not be: a. How will this profit me materially? ct/w MAR 8:36; 1TI 6:9. b. How will this work out if I just do what God plainly tells me? ct/w PRO 3:5-6. c. How will this look to my family, friends, others? ct/w MAT 10:37-39; 1TH 4:1. d. How much can I get away with? ct/w ECC 12:13-14. e. How much will submission to God cost me? ct/w MAR 10:17-23. f. How long can I delay? PSA 119:60 c/w HEB 3:7-8. 4. God should be our first love because He made us His first love in Christ over all other things in creation. MAT 22:37-38 c/w REV 2:4; 1JO 4:19; HEB 2:16. B. The kingdom of God is something to be found or sought as a great treasure. MAT 13:44-46. 1. If it finds him first, he will cleave to it. ACT 17:34. 2. If one values the kingdom correctly, he will safeguard his possession. EPH 5:1-5. 3. If one values the kingdom correctly, he will not forsake it under pressure. HEB 10:32-35. C. In seeking first the kingdom of God, one should also be seeking His righteousness. MAT 6:33. 1. He will plead with God for understanding in this regard. PSA 119:128, 18. 2. He will reject artificial righteousness. MAT 5:19-20. 3. He will find God’s righteousness to be unreachable by nature. ROM 10:5; GAL 3:10. 4. He will be compelled to admit his guilt before a holy God in spite of good efforts. ISA 64:6; ROM 7:18. a. This humility is the path to exaltation. MAT 23:12. b. This recognition is opening of the door of faith and hope in Christ. 2CO 5:21. c. This is how one submits himself to God’s righteousness. ROM 10:3. d. In finding and cleaving to Christ, one comes into the greatest treasures. COL 2:3; HEB 11:26. D. In seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, the diligent seeker will find the church of the living God in this world. 1. Jesus appointed His disciples a kingdom where they would sup with Him at His table: the The Right Priorities 9-11-22 Page 1 of 2 church. LUK 22:29-30. 2. He will see Jesus crowned with glory and honor in heaven ruling as Head and King over the church in this world. HEB 2:9; EPH 1:20-23. 3. He will see His church as the nation of divine government in this world to which he must render fidelity and identify with fellow-believers. ACT 2:36-41 c/w HEB 11:24-26. E. In seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, one will prioritize life and worship accordingly. 1. He will make true worship of God his first order of business, as Noah. GEN 8:20. a. He will build his week around public worship, adjusting his life accordingly, that he might routinely and regularly with others present his body a living sacrifice to God. ROM 12:1-2. b. He will not forsake assembling with his brethren of like precious faith. HEB 10:25; PSA 27:4. 2. He will not settle for a “cop-out” church of compromise, of fool’s gold, of synthetic pearls. PSA 84:10. 3. He will spend regular time with God in prayer and study of His word. EPH 6:17-18. 4. He will concede that godliness is the excellent profit. 1TI 4:8; 6:5-7. F. The true seeker will not wait until it is convenient to submit to God and His righteousness. A. Satan ever stands ready with convenience to excuse duty. 1KI 12:28. B. Felix was moved but didn’t move. ACT 24:24-25. C. The carnal Jews made light of the kingdom because they had other priorities, and paid a dear price. LUK 14:15-24. D. Publicans and harlots by contrast repented to enter the kingdom. MAT 21:31. G. “...and all these things shall be added unto you” (MAT 6:33). 1. God is a faithful rewarder of true seekers. HEB 11:6. 2. The concerns of the flesh will be provided in due time. MAR 10:28-30. 3. Don’t reverse the priorities. MAR 10:31. The Right Priorities 9-11-22 Page 2 of 2

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