The Reformation of the Kingdom of God

The Reformation of the Kingdom of God (Hebrews 9:10) I. Definitions. A. kingdom: Kingly function, authority or power; sovereignty, supreme rule; the position or rank of a king, kingship. B. power: II. As a person, body or thing. One who or that which is possessed of or exercises power, influence, or government; an influential or governing person, body or thing; in early use, one in authority, a ruler, governor. C. The kingdom of God is the government of God. D. government: The action of ruling; continuous exercise of authority over the action of subjects or inferiors; authoritative direction or regulation; control, rule. E. Of particular interest for this study is the Messianic government. ISA 9:6-7. 1. This prophecy spoke of a coming government/kingdom of God. 2. This government would be Messiah's. 3. This government's seat of authority would be David's throne. 4. This government would be established with justice and judgment. 5. This government would a continuous form: for ever. 6. God's zeal would make it happen, regardless. II. The kingdom of God is the kingdom of heaven: they are the same thing. MAT 11:11 c/w LUK 7:28; MAT 13:11 c/w MAR 4:11; MAT 13:33 c/w LUK 13:20-21; MAR 10:24-25 c/w MAT 19:23-24. III. Scripture sets forth five things which are referred to as the kingdom of God: A. God's universal rule over all creation. B. God's elect, regenerate family. C. The eternal, heavenly state of glory. D. The O.T. nation of Israel. E. N.T. churches of the resurrected God-man, Jesus Christ: the Messianic government. IV. Consider “kingdom of God” as it refers to His universal government over all of creation. A. This embraces God's rule over all things in heaven and earth. 1CH 29:11-12; PSA 103:19-22. B. This aspect of the kingdom of God has been from the beginning of the creation and endures for ever. Nothing ever is outside of this rule. C. This aspect of the kingdom of God presently exists in the face of opposition. ROM 8:21-22. V. Consider “kingdom of God” as it refers to His elect, regenerate family. God by His Spirit reigns in the inner parts of men. ROM 5:17, 21 c/w COL 1:13; EPH 2:4-6 c/w EPH 1:19-23; JOH 3:5. A. Inclusion in this kingdom is based on the sovereign, electing purpose of God from before the foundation of the world. EPH 1:3-6. B. Inclusion in this kingdom is not based upon creature obedience. JOH 1:12-13; TIT 3:5. C. This kingdom knows no racial, national, genealogical, historical, social, class, sexual or any other false boundary. GAL 2:28; 6:15; COL 3:11-12; REV 5:9. D. This kingdom consists of saints of both testaments. ROM 11:1-6; GAL 4:28-29. E. This kingdom's membership is secure, unalterable and eternal. ROM 8:29-30; REV 22:5. F. This kingdom is at warfare with Satan, the world and the flesh. ROM 7:22-23. The Reformation of the Kingdom of God Page 1 G. This kingdom is not organizational, hierarchical, geographical, tangible or visible. It is entirely the work of God the King in the inward part of the elect regardless of anything else. VI. Consider “kingdom of God” as it refers to the eternal, heavenly state. 2TI 4:18. A. This is the ultimate inheritance of every elect child of God in Christ. ROM 8:30; EPH 2:6. B. It will be fully realized at the Second Coming and Final Judgment. MAT 25:31-34, 46. C. No form of corruption is permitted in this kingdom. REV 21:7-8. D. The souls of saints who have died enter it presently. LUK 9:30-31; 16:22; 23:43. E. Corrupt bodies of saints must be changed before they can enter this kingdom. 1CO 15:50-52. F. This kingdom has no warfare in it. It is a place of peace. ISA 57:1-2. G. Regeneration is requisite and an earnest of this kingdom. ROM 8:11. VII. Consider “kingdom of God” as it refers to the O.T. nation of Israel. A. Israel was to be God's kingdom on earth, His peculiar treasure and nation. EXO 19:5-6. B. It was an organized system of human government with citizenship requirements, a divine body of law (the Books of Moses), judicial system, an acceptable and necessary form of religion, a priesthood, geographical boundaries, military, etc. C. Inclusion in this kingdom required that one be born to an existing family of this kingdom or converted to Israel's God (proselyte), circumcised if a male, etc. It was emphatically a racially oriented kingdom for which genealogies were critically important. EXO 12:48-49; NUM 9:14; EZR 2:62. D. God was its King (1SAM 12:12 c/w 8:7) and, after Saul, then David's line. E. This kingdom's continuance was conditional (EXO 19:5) and had a limited duration. DAN 9:24. F. Regeneration was in no way a requirement for this kingdom. VIII. Consider “kingdom of God” as it refers to the earthly institution of N.T. local churches. A. During the time when national Israel was God's kingdom, a “kingdom of God” was prophesied to come. DAN 2:31-45. B. In the days of the Roman empire (and right on schedule) John the Baptist and Jesus Christ announced that kingdom to be “at hand.” LUK 3:1-2; MAT 3:1-2; MAR 1:14-15. C. This kingdom of God was a reality in their day. LUK 16:16; HEB 12:28. D. Men were entering the kingdom by penitent baptism. MAT 21:31-32 c/w LUK 7:28. E. The church is a kingdom founded upon Jesus Christ and the apostles. MAT 16:18-19 c/w EPH 2:19-20; 1PE 2:5-6. F. Communion is a church ordinance observed in a kingdom. LUK 22:29-30. G. This kingdom would never be destroyed. DAN 2:44 c/w MAT 16:18; EPH 3:21. H. Proof of regeneration is a requirement for entry into this kingdom. 1JO 5:1 c/w ACT 8:37. I. Jesus is its King in heaven by virtue of His resurrection. ACT 2:30-32. J. Race, circumcision, genealogy, etc. mean nothing here. EPH 2:11-14; COL 3:9-11. K. This is an organized form of human government with a divine King, body of laws (the N.T.), judicial system, an acceptable and necessary form of religion, a priesthood (1PE 2:5), military (2TI 2:3-4; EPH 6:13-17), etc. with a heavenly capital city. HEB 12:22. L. It is the ONLY thing called “kingdom of God” that came into existence in the days of the Romanempire (DAN 2:31-45) when national Israel's clock was expiring (DAN 9:24) that endures as promised and shall continue in exalted form for ever. 1CO 15:24; EPH 3:21. The Reformation of the Kingdom of God Page 2
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