The Proper Mindset

I. In these verses, Paul focuses on the attitude which: A. befits the saint. B. matures the saint. C. coheres the church. D. best emulates Jesus Christ. 1. God's election concentrates on making saints to be like Christ. ROM 8:29 2. The ministry of the word is to form Christ in us. GAL 4:19 3. The saint's plea ought ever to be, "He must increase, but I must decrease." (JOH 3:30) 4. The characteristic of christ which is emphasized here is condescension. a. condescend: "To come down voluntarily. 2. fig. To come or bend down, so far as a particular action is concerned, from one's position of dignity or pride; to stoop voluntarily and graciously; to deign: a. to do something." b. Saints are to condescend to each other. ROM 12:16 c. Christ is the supreme example of condescension. Nobody has ever stooped down as far as did He for the sake of brethren.
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