The Contents of the Ark

The Contents Of The Ark (Hebrews 9:4-5) A. Paul briefly summarized the ark of the covenant. HEB 9:4-5. B. There was a golden pot that had manna in it. c/w EXO 16:32-36. 1. The manna was a miraculous provision from God for their life. EXO 16:15. 2. The word “manna” means “what is this?” 3. It was angels' food. PSA 78:24-25. 4. It normally putrefied when stored but did not so on the sabbath. EXO 16:19-26. 5. The manna represented the faith of God to provide for needs. 6. The manna ceased upon Israel's entrance into the promised land. EXO 16:35. 7. The manna in the pot was a witness that was hidden. 8. From all this we may be reminded that: a. Christ is our miracle manna from God for eternal life. JOH 6:48-51. b. Christ was/is a strange “what is this?” to men. MAT 8:27; MAR 1:27; 6:2; LUK 4:36; JOH 16:17-18; ACT 17:18-19. c. Christ is the life of angels: their existence derives from Him. COL 1:16-17. d. our works putrefy outside of Christ our Sabbath. ISA 64:6 c/w ROM 4:5; GAL 5:4; HEB 4:10. e. Christ is able to provide for every need. JOH 1:16; PHIL 4:19. f. Christ is as hidden manna for overcomers. REV 2:17. (1) We overcome now by faith. 1JO 5:4 c/w 1PE 1:8-9; ROM 5:1-5. (2) Our faith in the unseen Witness shall cease upon entrance into the heavenly Canaan. HEB 11:1 c/w 1JO 3:2 c/w 1CO 13:12-13. C. There was Aaron's rod that budded in it. c/w NUM 17:1-13. 1. Aaron's budded rod demonstrated life in spite of being cut off to die. 2. It confirmed God's chosen high priest and so spoke of particular choice. 3. It was a token against rebels who rejected God's ordained minister and rule. 4. From these things we may be reminded that: a. the Levitical priesthood would endure only until Christ. (1) There was a succession of buds, blossoms and almonds on the rod. (2) The flourishing of the almond tree is associated with waxing old and dying. ECC 12:5. (3) The Law (which empowered the Levitical priesthood) waxed old and died with the coming of Christ with a superior priesthood. GAL 3:19; HEB 8:13; 7:11-17. b. Christ is our Branch (ZEC 6:12) and the rod of God's strength (PSA 110:2) Who was “...cut off out of the land of the living” (ISA 53:8) Who was “...approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs...” (ACT 2:22). c. Christ was declared to be the Son of God by His resurrection. ROM 1:4. d. Christ's resurrection confirms Him as High Priest. HEB 7:15-24. e. Christ's resurrection confirms Him as King and Ruler. PSA 2:1-7 c/w ACT 2:29-32; 13:32-34; REV 2:26-27. f. Christ's resurrection is not just A sign to rebels; it is THE sign that should “...take away their murmurings from me, that they die not” (NUM 17:10). MAT 12:39-40; ACT 2:36-40; 3:23-26. g. Christ's resurrection was a fruit-bearing one. JOH 12:23-24; 1CO 15:20. D. There were the tables of the covenant in it. c/w DEU 10:4-5. 1. The Law was Israel's wisdom. DEU 4:6. The Contents Of The Ark 1-19-23 Page 1 of 2 2. The Law spoke of human inadequacy, cursing and death. GAL 3:10-12. 3. The Law was under the mercy seat. 4. God dwelt where His rule was. 5. From these we may be reminded that: a. in Christ are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. COL 2:3. b. Christ is our mercy seat, our propitiation Who stands between God and His Law which condemns us. ROM 3:25; 1JO 2:1-2; ROM 10:4. c. the Old Covenant of “do and live” had shortcomings but the New Covenant of “Christ did, you live” or “live and do” is of a different nature. HEB 8:7-9. d. Christ dwells where His rule is. HEB 8:10-11; JOH 14:23; EPH 3:16-17; 1TI 3:15. E. Consider that each of the articles in the ark of the covenant spoke against God's people. 1. The Law condemned us in general. ROM 7:10-14; GAL 3:10. 2. The golden pot of manna was a witness of God's provision over against their murmurings to the contrary. EXO 16:12. 3. Aaron's budded rod was a witness against murmuring rebels who contested God's ordained ministry and rule over them. NUM 16:11. 4. The mercy seat covered all. 5. Christ covers all of our inadequacy, murmuring, doubt and rebellion. GAL 3:13; HEB 8:12; COL 2:13. The Contents Of The Ark 1-19-23 Page 2 of 2

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