Taking Refuge In God's House

Taking Refuge in God’s House I. Introduction A. The Spirit of Christ which is in us by the grace of God is holy and longs for holiness and righteousness. B. Yet we are surrounded by corruption in this world. 1. In ourselves 2. In our families 3. In schools 4. In governments 5. In churches 6. In nature C. So we want to get away from it. But where in this world do we go? D. Overview 1. God’s house is the gospel church. 2. The gospel church has a geographical location. 3. God governs this world with a special view to his church. 4. Our proper view of God’s house. 5. What else will satisfy? II. God’s house is the gospel church. 1TI 3:15 A. It is the body of Christ which is composed of individual members. EPH 1:22-23 c/w 1CO 12:27 B. It is the kingdom of God. LUK 16:16 c/w LUK 7:29 c/w ACT 2:41 C. It is an holy nation. 1PE 2:9 D. It is the temple of God. 1CO 3:16; 2CO 6:16 E. It is the place where God dwells. EPH 2:22; 1CO 3:16; 2CO 6:16 1. habitation: the action of dwelling in or inhabiting as a place of residence; occupancy by inhabitants 2. It is the place where his honor and glory dwell. PSA 26:8 c/w EPH 3:21 F. God’s house is a spiritual house. EPH 2:19-22; 1PE 2:5 1. It is made of lively stones. 1PE 2:5 2. It is positioned in Christ. 1TH 1:1; 2TH1:1 III. God’s house has a geographical location. A. New Testament churches are located in geographical places (e.g. the church at Corinth, the church at Cincinnati). 1CO 1:2 B. Each church is separate and independent of other churches. REV 2:1,8,12,18,3:1,7,14 C. God’s house is the one place in this world where he prepares a table and sups with his children. It is the one place where God has appointed for man to commune with him. 1CO 11:18,20-26,33 D. Children of God are commanded to be part of it. ACT 2:38,41,47; HEB 10:25 E. God has always had an appointed place where he put his name and commanded his people to seek it and come to it (DEU 12:5,11); to offer offerings and sacrifices (DEU 12:6). It was a place of rest and safety (DEU 12:9-10). No other place could be substituted (DEU 12:13-14). F. The New Testament church is now the place where God has put his name and commanded his people to come to offer offerings and sacrifices for which there is no substitute. 1PE 2:5; HEB 13:15; ROM 12:1 IV. God governs this world with a special view to his church. EPH 1:22 A. The church is central to his eternal purpose. EPH 3:10-11 1. The church may seem insignificant to men, but it is not so to God. 2. God uses it to make known the manifold wisdom of God even to heavenly principalities and powers. EPH 3:10 3. God keeps his house clean and pure. Corruption is not allowed to fester. 1PE 4:17 B. It is the only place on earth that is the storehouse and upholder of the truth. 1TI 3:15 1. The nation of Israel was exclusively given God’s word. PSA 147:19-20 2. This was their chief blessing in the sight of the nations. DEU 4:5-8; ROM 3:1-2. 3. Now this blessing is committed unto the church of Jesus Christ, his holy nation. C. The church is the one nation on earth (1PE 2:9) that is governed directly by God himself. EPH 1:22; 1TI 6:15. 1. This is not true of any other nation. 2. Remember that before the nation of Israel asked for a king like the nations, God was their king. 1SA 12:12 3. The church being governed by God restores the due order. 4. Christ is over all principality, power, might, dominion, and every name that is named in heaven and in earth EPH 1:19-21 5. All things are put under the feet of Christ and he’s given to be head over all things to the church. EPH 1:22 6. Jesus Christ has all power in heaven and in earth. MAT 28:18 7. Angels and authorities and powers are subject unto Christ. 1PE 3:22; HEB 1:4 8. God’s protects his own house. PSA 84:11-12; 2CH 20:8-9; REV 20:8-9 9. No other place on earth has the express protection of God himself and the guarantee that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. MAT 16:18 D. Conclusion: God’s house is the safest place to be on earth. V. Our proper view of God’s house A. How should we value it? 1. It is a great treasure. MAT 13:44-46 2. It is worth great sacrifice. MAT 19:29 B. Our desire should be to it PSA 27:4; PSA 84:1-2,10 C. Since it is where we should be, then we shouldn’t wander from it. PRO 27:8; PRO 21:16 1. “There are many that do not know when they are well off, but are uneasy with their present condition, and given to change. God, in his providence, has appointed them a place fit for them and has made it comfortable to them; but they affect unsettledness; they love to wander; they are glad of a pretence to go abroad, and do not care for staying long at a place; they needlessly absent themselves from their own work and care, and meddle with that which belongs not to them.” – Matthew Henry on PRO 27:8 2. Better to hide with God than apart from him. PRO 27:12 c/w PSA 27:4-5 VI. We’re fooling ourselves if we think we’re ever going to find a place on this earth that will satisfy us. A. We are strangers and pilgrims in this world. (HEB 11:13) Our attitude should be aligned with this fact. Ignoring it or denying it will not change it. B. Our flesh will never be satisfied. PRO 27:20 C. We must walk after the Spirit (ROM 8:1,4) by faith (2CO 5:7; HEB 11:13) beholding God’s eternal kingdom (2CO 4:6-7; ROM 8:18). D. Our spirit longs for the heavenly kingdom and no earthly place will suffice. The church is the closest thing there is in this world to the heavenly Jerusalem. E. God calls us to separate ourselves from the world and join ourselves unto his house. 2CO 6:17 F. But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; all and these things shall be added unto you. MAT 6:33
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