Nehemiah: Lessons in Building

Nehemiah: Lessons In Building (Part 9)

Nehemiah: Lessons in Building (Part 10)

Nehemiah 10

vs.1-31.  The people in accord with their leaders covenanted to obey the law of God.
A.	The leaders (Nehemiah being first mentioned, v.1) set the tone and example for the people by sealing this covenant.  
		1.	Church teachers must also be church leaders and examples.
			1PE 5:3 c/w 1TI 4:12.
2.	Forwardness in church leaders inspires confidence and godly conduct in church members.  PHIL 1:12-14.
		3.	Both leaders and people bound themselves to the same law.  There was 
			not a d...

Nehemiah: Lessons in Building (Part 11)

Nehemiah 11 vs.1-19. These verses set forth a lottery for the inhabiting of Jerusalem and a honorable record of those who did so. A. It was noted (v.1) that "...the rulers of the people dwelt at Jerusalem." 1. This was appropriate since God had ordained thrones of judgment to be set in Jerusalem. PSA 122:5. 2. The "holy city" on earth in the N.T. is the gospel church and it is likewise the place where the rulers of the people of God should dwell. a. N.T. rule is entrusted to th...

Nehemiah: Lessons in Building (Part 12)

Nehemiah 12 vs.1-26. Record is here given of the priests and the Levites. A. The Spirit is careful to note not only the number but the names of the righteous who put their hand to the work of God. c/w ROM 16:3-15. 1. God knows the number of His saints (REV 7:9) but is pleased to know us also intimately by names which He carefully has recorded in a book. JOH 10:3 c/w PHIL 4:3. 2. A good name gotten by good character is worth noting. PRO 22:1; PSA 112:6 c/w PRO 10:7. B. There w...

Nehemiah: Lessons in Building (Part 13)

Nehemiah 13 vs.1-3. The mixed multitude was separated from the people in compliance with the law read on that day. A. This is the essence of true revival and rebuilding: a submissive return to the precepts and commandments of the word of God. REV 2:5; 1CO 11:1-2. 1. There is no peace where the order of the law is abandoned. 2CH 15:3-5 ct/w PHIL 4:9. 2. Is the church in disrepair or disorder and wondering how to make sense of its own confusion? Go back to the Scripture and obey...

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