Mary's Other Children

  1. I. Scripture speaks of brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ. MAT 12:46-47; 13:55-56; MAR 6:3; LUK 8:19-20; GAL 1:19.

    1. The prophecy of PSA 69:8-9 strongly implies that Jesus had blood siblings. c/w JOH 2:17; 7:3-5.

    2. JOH 2:11-12 distinguishes between His brethren and His disciples.I

  2. If Jesus had blood siblings, then Mary did not remain a virgin after His birth since He alone is the virgin-born Immanuel (MAT 1:23). Mary only conceived one child mir...

The Blessed Mary of Scripture

I. Mary, the wife of Joseph, is set forth as a very special person in Scripture. A. She miraculously conceived by the Holy Ghost to bring forth the sinless Jesus. LUK 1:35 c/w MAT 1:18-20 B. Miraculous conception was not unique (ROM 4:19) but virgin conception and birth were. MAT 1:23-25 C. She was hailed as "...blessed among women..." (LUK 1:28, 42) 1. Some have inferred from this that she is divine. 2. What, then, of Jael? JDG 5:24 D. Jesus is the fruit of her womb indeed. LUK 1:42 1. He was ...

Was Mary A Perpetual Virgin?

I. This study is a supplement to a previous study, “Mary’s Other Children.” A. Jesus had other siblings. MAT 13:55-56; GAL 1:19. B. The primary definition of “brother” is one who is a son of the same parent or parents. C. Scripture knows nothing of Joseph fathering children by another woman. D. Mary only conceived miraculously once. E. Therefore, Jesus’s siblings must have been the children of Joseph and Mary by normal marital intercourse.

II. Romanists, however, hold that Mary was a perpetual virg...

Other Errors Concerning Mary

I. As noted in previous studies, Mary, the mother of Jesus, has a unique, blessed and important place in God’s plan. The Biblical Mary should not be diminished. A. However, as seen in other studies, Catholicism in particular has made more of Mary than God has assigned to her according to Scripture. The current Catholic version/vision of Mary is not supported by Scripture. B. The Jews gave Abraham undue importance. LUK 3:8; ROM 9:7. 1. Jesus taught that Abraham after death could not do anything for sinner...

Concerning Mary's Salvation

1. Mary understood her need of God’s salvation. LUK 1:46-50. A. She magnified the Lord, not herself. B. She rejoiced in God her Saviour. C. She deemed herself of low estate, not Second Eve, Queen of heaven or Mother of God. D. She praised God Who had done to her great things, and implies she is the object of His mercy. (1) mercy: Forbearance and compassion shown by one person to another who is in his power and who has no claim to receive kindness; kind and compassionate treatment in a case where severity...

Journey Into The Heart of Mary

1. Mary’s heart was not unlike ours. PSA 33:15; PRO 27:19.

2. Mary pondered all the things she heard about Jesus in her heart. LUK 2:19, 51.

3. Mary knew her baby came by way of a unique miracle. A. She was singly and highly favored that God should indwell her in the incarnation, taking part of her into union with Himself. LUK 1:28, 35 c/w GAL 4:4. B. She “...was troubled at his saying...” (LUK 1:29), an emotion of the heart which showed her common humanity.

4. Consider what she was tol...

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