The Hope of His Coming

The Hope of His Coming I. Consider this sampling of life's deficiencies and troubles for which the Second Coming of Christ is the antidote: A. Limited knowledge of God. 1CO 13:12; 1JO 3:1-2. B. Sin and failure. ROM 7:21-24 c/w PHIL 3:20-21. C. Pain and sorrow. REV 21:4. D. Ostracism and loss of goods. HEB 10:32-37. E. Persecution. 2TH 1:6-7. F. Incomplete and unrighteous judgment. ACT 17:31; JUDE 1:14-15. G. Physical corruption and death. JOB 19:25-27. II. The grief of death is real but balanced by hope. It is with this in mind that Paul addresses the Thessalonians. 1TH 4:13-5:3. v. 13. A. The word “sleep” in this context refers to a state of physical death (v. 16). This is a case where a word is NOT used in its primary sense. c/w JOH 11:11-14. B. Paul is not censuring Christians who sorrow over the death of their fellow-believers. ACT 8:2; PHIL 2:27. C. However, the Christians sorrow should not be as others “...which have no hope.” v. 14. A. The resurrection of Christ is the guarantee of the resurrection of those in Him. 1CO 15:17-23. B. Note that there is something about a dead saint that is with God to be brought with God. 1. Man consists of spirit, soul and body. 1TH 5:23. 2. The soul and spirit constitute man's inward parts. JOB 14:22; 1CO 2:11. 3. The inward man is changed during this life. JOH 3:3; ROM 7:22-23. 4. The inward man is made spiritual and has eternal life. ROM 8:5-9. 5. Life does not end with physical death. LUK 23:43; JOH 11:26; 2CO 5:6-8; PHIL 1:21-23; REV 6:9-11; HEB 12:23. 6. Physical death is a time of rest for the elect. ISA 57:1-2; REV 14:13. 7. The souls and spirits of departed saints will be brought with God to be clothed with their glorified bodies. vs. 15-17. A. Compare the order of events at the Second Coming with 1CO 15:51-53. B. The Lord HIMSELF descends from heaven. ACT 1:11. C. This is His coming again or second appearing. JOH 14:1-3; HEB 9:28. D. When Christ returns, there will still be living, faithful saints on earth, though relatively few in number. v. 15 c/w MAT 24:37; LUK 18:8. E. The dead in Christ rise first. The living saints will not prevent (precede) them. The living saints are then caught up with the resurrected saints to meet their Lord in the air. F. The saints will then receive glorified bodies fashioned like unto the body of the resurrected Son of God. Christ will finally redeem the flesh which He purchased with His own blood. 1CO 6:20; 15:35-44, 52-54; PHIL 3:20-21; 1JO 3:2. G. The saints will EVER be with the Lord. JOH 14:3; REV 14:1-4. The Hope of His Coming 12-2-12 Page 1 of 2v. 18. A. The Second Coming is the hope of the believer. TIT 2:13. B. The Second Coming and the resurrection is the true hope of Israel, not some earthly glorification. ACT 26:6-8; 28:20. C. The Second Coming brings the destruction of death. 1CO 15:26, 54. 1. Death is written over this world. PSA 102:25-27; 2CO 4:18. 2. The death process has no hold on Christ. ROM 6:9; ACT 13:34. 3. Death is not a factor in the world to come. 1PE 1:4; REV 21:4. 4. The saints will not only be made uncorrupted, but INCORRUPTIBLE and will dwell in this INCORRUPTIBLE place with Christ. As such, there is hope in death for the righteous. PRO 11:7; 14:32. D. This doctrine of the Second Coming and the resurrection was a comfort and incentive for Paul. He recognized that his present afflictions were only temporary. He kept his gaze fixed upon the future glory. 2CO 4:17-5:4. E. The hope of the Second Coming has a saving effect. ROM 8:21-25; PSA 27:13. F. Looking for the Second Coming evidences grace and cancelled sin. TIT 2:11-13; HEB 9:26-28. G. Looking for the Second Coming is a proper effect of conversion. 1TH 1:9-10 c/w 2TI 2:17-18. H. These words about the Second Coming can only comfort those who have faith (v. 14; 1TH 2:13; HEB 4:2). The coming glory only comforts those who have a personal assurance of it, i.e. the believer. JOH 11:25-26. I. The approaching of our hope should encourage us to assemble with others of like faith and to exhort them. HEB 10:23-25; MAL 3:16-17.

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