Burnout (Part 3)

VII. Consider Scriptural preventatives against burnout. A. Implementing these steps can prevent burnout and also help the burnout victim to recover. B. Faith in Jesus Christ is a great antidote to burnout. JOH 14:1-3. 1. To relieve him of the burden of guilt, the believer is assured of justification. a. There is mercy to cover the inevitable imperfections of our performance. 1JO 2:1-2; HEB 8:12. b. To avoid burnout, this mercy must be the ground of our hope. PSA 130. 2. Countering the fear of death is the assurance that the believer has eternal life and a place in the Father's house. JOH 11:25-26. 3. Through believing we are filled with joy and peace and abound in hope. ROM 15:13. 4. The believer has abundant assurance that God has his best interest at heart. ROM 8:31-39. 5. The believer is assured that God has a good purpose in allowing problems in his life. 1PE 1:6-8; ROM 5:3-5. 6. The believer can commit himself to the Lord's keeping since he is assured of good in the outcome. 1PE 1:6-8; ROM 5:3-5. C. Intake of the Scriptures is a vital preventative against burnout. 1. Through the Scriptures we have hope without which we burn out. ROM 15:4; PSA 119:81, 114. 2. Great peace comes through the Scriptures. And there is no peace without them. PSA 119:165; PRO 3:1-2; 2CH 15:3-5. 3. In learning of Jesus we find rest to our souls. MAT 11:28-29. 4. In order to profit by the word we must meditate therein rather than merely hear it or read it. PSA 1:1-4. a. Meditate: “To muse over or reflect upon; to consider, study, ponder.” b. Lack of meditation is owing to a lack of love for the law, not a lack of time. PSA 119:97. c. Meditation requires quiet time. JOB 37:14; PSA 4:4; 46:10 c/w DEU 4:39. (1) This means that we must work resources of quiet time into our lives. (2) Quietness: “The condition of being quiet or undisturbed; absence of noise, motion, or excitement; calmness, tranquility.” (3) Quiet: “Free from disturbance, molestation, or annoyance; not interfered or meddled with; left in peace. Characterized by the absence of all strife, bustle, stir, or commotion; also, free from noise or uproar, silent, still.” (4) Family, work and telecommunications may have to be ignored during this time. (5) Quietness is to be preferred above abundance of things if in having that abundance our life is full of travail and vexation of spirit. ECC 4:6. 5. The difference between reading and studying the word is like the difference between an acquaintance and a close friend. 6. PRO 7:1-4 shows us how intimate we should be with the Scriptures. a. We should keep them like the apple of our eye. b. We should bind them to us. c. They should be written in our heart. d. They should be as close as a sister. e. They should be part of our family. 7. Too many cares will choke the word (LUK 8:14). Therefore we should strive towards a condition of being without carefulness. 1CO 7:32. a. Carefulness: “The quality of state of being careful. Solicitude, anxiety, concern. Heedfulness, vigilance, attentiveness, exactness, caution.” b. Too much carefulness creates too much hustle and bustle which interferes with needed quietness. c. In the context of Paul’s admonition, carefulness refers to having things to care for. (1) To care for – to take thought for, provide for, look after, take care of. (2) Therefore, to be without carefulness is to have fewer things to look after. (3) Without qualification, being without carefulness would in context include not having wife or family (which things God approves of). (4) A measured, sensible approach to being without carefulness is in order lest one conclude that the only truly spiritual believer is a single, penniless, jobless, naked wanderer and meditator. (5) Each must work out his own salvation. PHIL 2:12. 8. If you just don't seem to have the time to meditate in God's word, perhaps it is because you need to redeem that valuable commodity. EPH 5:15-16. a. Redeem: “To buy back (a thing formerly possessed); to make payment for (a thing held or claimed by another). To regain, recover (an immaterial thing).” b. We should spend other things to secure time.
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