2 Timothy (Part 28)

Chapter 4 vs.1-5. 1. Paul here gives Timothy his final formal charge recorded in Scripture. A. He had once charged him to fight with faith and a good conscience. 1TI 1:18-19. B. He also had charged him to govern the church impartially. 1TI 5:21. C. He charged him to continue the fight until Christ's appearing. 1TI 6:12-14. D. This charge burdens Timothy with the single most defining and important work of ministry: “Preach the word...” (1) It is by preaching that unbelievers hear of Christ. ROM 10:14. (2) It is by preaching that believers are saved. 1TI 4:16. (3) Pastoral counsel is necessary from time to time but it does not compare in importance to the preaching of the word. a. Ministers should be cautious to not overmuch devote themselves to personal counsel. The minister is proved by being “apt to teach” (1TI 3:2). b. Even the “house to house” ministry of Paul which contrasted his public ministry was one of teaching. ACT 20:20. c. Ministers should be cautious to not presume to be called by God to be psychologists and psychiatrists when their clear calling is to preach the word of God which promotes a sound mind. 2TI 1:6-8. 2. The conjunctive adverb, “therefore” links this charge with the previous warnings about the perilous times of the last days which would be rife with corrupt ways and deceptive teachers and also that Timothy was appropriately furnished with the antidote of the inspired Scripture. A. “Timothy, since you know what's coming and since you are well-versed in the word of God, preach it!” B. In these verses, Paul forecasts a spiritual cooling trend and apostasy which will take its toll on the church. c/w 1TI 4:1. C. Mind what Paul could have told Timothy to emphasize but did not: (1) “Feed the masses. People will fill the pews for a handout.” (2) “Entertain the goats. Give them plenty of distractions to keep them from leaving.” (3) “Spin the gospel. Make social and political causes a rallying point to give folks a sense of solidarity.” (4) “Water down the gospel. Take the teeth out of it so folks are less likely to be offended and leave.” (5) “Take out a building mortgage. This will burden them with a sense of responsibility and a fear of lost investment if they don't stick around.” (6) “Kiss Caesar. Get in bed with the state which will then civilly punish apostates and heretics.” D. NOTE: If the preaching of the word of God won't keep people in the church, those are the type that the church is better off without. MAT 15:12-14; JOH 6:66-68. 3. This charge is made “...before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and kingdom;” (v.1). A. All God-ward duty of men is with a view to the Final Judgment. 2PE 3:10-11; MAT 25:31-46. (1) It is very appropriate that Paul's charge to preach the word is with a view to the Final Judgment since that is a vital tenet of the gospel. ACT 10:40-42; 24:24-25; ROM 2:16. (2) Preaching the word of God warns men and prepares them to meet their Judge. (3) Since Timothy could not know that Christ might not appear during his lifetime, unfailing preaching of the word would best prepare him to meet his Lord. MAT 24:42-51; 1PE 5:1-4. B. The Father has committed all judgment to Christ. JOH 5:22. (1) The fact of Christ's resurrection is the assurance to all men that Christ shall judge the world. ACT 17:31. (2) How central is the resurrection of Jesus Christ to all things! (3) “Quick” = “living.” Christ Who was dead and now alive forevermore (REV 1:18) shall righteously call and judge the dead and the living at His appearing. C. The judgment of the quick and the dead are expressly “...at his appearing....” (1) Christ's second coming is called His appearing. HEB 9:24-28. (2) At His appearing, the living saved and dead saved will be raised in glorified bodies and be with Him in glory. 1JO 3:2; PHIL 3:20-21; COL 3:4; 1TH 4:15-17. a. This counters the notion that the saved will be raised and glorified at a secret rapture long before His appearing. b. Christ's coming to raise His saints will not be secret. 2TH 1:7-10; 1CO 15:52. (3) The wicked will also be raised at this appearing. JOH 5:28-29; ACT 24:15. (4) All men will be judged at this time. REV 20:11-15; ROM 14:10-12. (5) The elect will be presented without blame at that time; therefore Christ's appearing is for them a blessed hope. EPH 1:4; COL 1:21-23; TIT 2:13. (6) This appearing will be at the last day. JOH 6:39-40; 12:48; 1CO 15:27-28. D. This judgment of the quick and dead is at his appearing and kingdom. (1) Christ will execute this judgment from His eternal throne as the King. MAT 25:31; REV 11:15-18. (2) This will introduce the final phase of God's kingdom program where all corruption is destroyed, the present kingdom delivered up, all enemies put down, and the Son shall be subject to the Father. ROM 8:21; 1CO 15:23-28. (3) It is this kingdom for which present kingdom saints are to be preparing. 2PE 1:10-11; 3:12-14.
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