2 Timothy (Part 6)

v.7. 1. Having exhorted Timothy to stir up the gift of God, Paul points to the resource of the indwelling Holy Spirit to perform this duty. c/w v.14. 2. The spirit of fear generates bondage. ROM 8:15; HEB 2:15. 3. The Spirit of God produces power, which is "the ability to do or effect something or anything, or to act upon a person or thing." ACT 1:8. A. This power stands in contrast to the spirit of fear. (1) Fear debilitates a man in that it causes faintness and cowardice. DEU 20:3, 8; PRO 24:10. (2) Being led by the Spirit of God, Paul did not fear death; he rather courageously fulfilled his ministry. ACT 20:22-24; PSA 23:4. (3) Courage is needed in the ministry inasmuch as it involves confrontation with evil. MIC 3:8; JER 1:17-19. (4) He who is afraid to speak the truth is not being led by the Spirit of God. (5) It was fear that caused the slothful servant to bury his talent. MAT 25:25. (6) NOTE: Expressed fear is sometimes just a mask for slothfulness. PRO 22:13. B. When a man of God is preaching by the Spirit of God, his ministry will be effectual. 1TH 1:5; 2:1, 13; 2CO 2:14-16. 4. The Spirit of God produces love. ROM 5:5. A. This love constrains (forces, compels, obliges) a minister. 2CO 5:14. B. Love is obedience to God. 1JO 5:2-3. C. Love is in keeping with bold confrontation. It is the opposite of fear. LEV 19:17. D. Love casts out fear. 1JO 4:16-18 c/w 2:5. 5. The Spirit of God produces a sound mind. A. When one is delivered from the spirit of the devil and is controlled by the Spirit of God, he is put in his right mind. MAR 5:15. B. A sound mind contrasts with fear which causes torment. 1JO 4:18. C. A sound mind will heed sound doctrine. That which is contrary to sound doctrine is obviously unhealthy. 1TI 1:9-11; 6:3; TIT 2:1-10. D. Repentance from ungodliness is coming into one's right mind. LUK 15:17-21; DAN 4:34-36. E. The truly sound mind is judged insane by the world. JOH 10:20; ACT 26:24-25. F. ISA 26:3 and PHIL 4:6-8 are God's prescription for maintaining a sound mind.
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