Stedfast & Stablished (Part 1)

STEDFAST AND STABLISHED (COL 2:5-7) I. Consider the definitions of these and related terms. A. Stedfast: "Fixed or secure in position. Of a person, esp. a soldier in battle: Maintaining his ground. Of persons: Unshaken, immovable in faith, resolution, friendship, etc. Also said of belief, purpose, or affection." See RUT 1:18; 1CO 7:37. B. Stablish: "To place or set (a material thing) firmly in position; to station (a person) in a place. To set (a person, etc.) permanently in an office, dignity, or condition." See PSA 93:1. C. Establish: "To render stable or firm. To strengthen by material support. To ratify, confirm, validate. To confirm, settle (what is weak or wavering); to restore (health) permanently; to give calmness or steadiness to (the mind). To calm (anger), to settle (doubts)." See LEV 25:30; DAN 6:8; ACT 16:4-5. D. Confirm: "To make firm or more firm, to add strength to, to settle, establish firmly." See ISA 35:3; GAL 3:15, 17; HEB 6:16. II. We are commanded to be stedfast and to stablish our hearts. 1CO 15:58; JAM 5:8. A. The ministry of the word is the means whereby we become stablished. ROM 1:11-12; 1TH 3:2; ACT 14:21-22. B. We must commit our works to God in order that our thoughts be established. PRO 16:3. III. Satan is resisted when we are STEDFAST in the faith. 1PE 5:8-9. A. That area of our faith in which we are not stedfast, is that area at which Satan will level his attack. B. Satan is a master strategist in combat: he knows to attack his opponent in his weak spot. IV. This condition contrasts with fear. JOB 11:15; PSA 112:6-8. V. Scripture warns against instability. 2PE 3:16-18. A. Growth in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ is the cure for instability and falling from our own stedfastness. 1. There is a simplicity in Christ to which we are commended. 2CO 11:3. 2. This simplicity is spiritual wisdom in contrast with worldly wisdom. 2CO 1:12; COL 2:8. 3. Contrarily, we are NOT commended to simplicity in the sense of being continually infantile in spiritual wisdom. HEB 5:13-14; 1CO 14:20. 4. Simplicity in this sense is an invitation to deception. ROM 16:17-18. B. Unstable souls are prey for false prophets. 2PE 2:14. C. Israel was not stedfast. PSA 78:8, 32-37. 1. In their hearts they turned back to Egypt. ACT 7:39. 2. They who look back are not fit for God's kingdom. LUK 9:61-62. D. We must forget those things which are behind and press forward walking according to what we have attained. PHIL 3:13-16. 1. We need to have things settled in our minds rather than constantly being agitated over them. 2. If in anything we should be otherwise minded, God will reveal even this to us. E. Those who waver in doubt are unstable. JAM 1:5-8. 1. The double minded man is unstable in ALL his ways. a. Double-minded: "Having two minds; undecided or wavering in mind." b. JOS 24:15; 1KI 18:21 exhort against double-mindedness. 2. Expert warriors are NOT of a double heart. 1CH 12:33. F. Beware of questions which do not edify, but rather cause doubt. GEN 3:1; 1TI 1:4, 1TI 6:4-5; 2TI 2:23; TIT 3:9. 1. When you have proven a thing, HOLD IT FAST and do not be always doubting it. 1TH 5:21. 2. Paul warns of those who are ever learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. 2TI 3:7. 3. The fool will never let a thing be settled. PRO 20:3; 18:6. G. Paul exhorts us to be established with grace as opposed to carried about with divers and strange doctrines. HEB 13:9. 1. Be wary of excessive exposure to or investigation of divers and strange doctrines. ROM 16:19. 2. "Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners" (1CO 15:33). 3. Giving heed to seducing spirits is dangerous. 1TI 4:1. 4. "Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge" (PRO 19:27). 5. God has not called us to scour the earth for false doctrine so as to correct it but rather to be grounded in truth so as to not be moved by false doctrine when it finds us!
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