Sealed with That Holy Spirit of Promise (Eph 1:12-14)

Sealed with That Holy Spirit of Promise (Eph 1:12-14) SEALED WITH THAT HOLY SPIRIT OF PROMISE (EPH 1:12-14) I. This passage is often used to prove that regeneration follows hearing and believing the gospel. A. This passage is NOT a proof text of that position. B. The words "born again," "begotten again," "regenerate," "quicken" and such like are NOT in the passage. II. Those who first trusted in Christ were the Jews. Those who also trusted in Christ are the Gentiles. ROM 1:16; LUK 24:47; ROM 11:16-18. III. The sealing takes place AFTER hearing the gospel and believing. A. Regeneration PRECEDES hearing the gospel with understanding. JOH 8:43, 47; 1CO 2:14. B. Regeneration PRECEDES believing the gospel. JOH 5:24; 1JO 5:1. C. Therefore, the sealing is NOT regeneration. IV. Consider the definition of the word "seal" and its usage in the Scripture. A. Seal: sb. "A device (e.g. a heraldic or emblematic design, a letter, word, or sentence) impressed on a piece of wax or other plastic material adhering or attached by cords or parchment slips to a document as evidence of authenticity or attestation; also, the piece of wax, etc. bearing this impressed device." B. Seal: v. "To attest by a seal. To place a seal upon a (document) as evidence of genuineness, or as a mark of authoritative ratification or approval." C. 1KI 21:8. The king's seal would prove that the letter was genuinely his. D. NEH 9:38. By means of sealing these officers of Israel gave their approval to the covenant. E. EST 8:8. A letter sealed with the king's ring would attest to the king's approval of its contents. F. JOH 3:33. When we believe the gospel, we assent to the truth of God. Contrast this with 1JO 5:10. G. JOH 6:27. God gave His authoritative approval to Jesus Christ. See JOH 5:37; 1:32-34; MAT 3:17. H. ROM 4:11. Abraham's circumcision attested to the righteousness that he already had. I. 1CO 9:2. The converted Corinthians were the proof of Paul's apostleship. J. 2TI 2:19. The teaching of election and godliness are the mark of God's foundation. V. The Holy Spirit is God's device whereby He bears witness to His children, assuring them that they are His and that He approves them. ROM 8:15-17; 1JO 3:24; 4:13; JOH 14:20. A. A seal by definition is not the writing of a document. It is an evidence of the genuineness of a document ALREADY written. B. The sealing is the Spirit's operation assuring those already regenerated. C. The sealing occurs AFTER belief in the gospel. D. The believer in the gospel is commanded to be baptized. MAR 16:16; ACT 8:35-38; 18:8. 1. He who truly believes will be baptized. ACT 8:12; LUK 7:29-30 c/w MAT 21:32. 2. So tied are baptism and church membership to believing, that a conversion is sometimes described as simply believing. ACT 13:48 & 14:1 c/w 21-23; 21:20, 25 c/w 16:4-5. E. The believer receives the gift of the Holy Ghost when he is baptized. ACT 2:38-42, 47. Sealed With That Holy Spirit of Promise 8-9-09 Page 1 of 2 1. Christ promised the Holy Ghost to His church. JOH 7:37-39; 14:15-17; 16:7. 2. In fulfillment of this promise, the church was baptized with the Holy Ghost at Pentecost. ACT 1:4-5, 8; 2:4, 16-17. 3. Therefore, there is a special indwelling and ministry of the Holy Ghost within the church. 1CO 3:16; EPH 2:19-22. 4. When one is baptized in water, the Spirit also baptizes him into Christ's body, the church. ACT 2:41, 47 c/w 1CO 12:13. 5. He thus receives the gift of the Holy Ghost Who indwells the church. JOH 7:37 c/w 1CO 12:13. 6. The believer is hereby sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise. VI. The Holy Spirit bears witness as a seal to the obedient believer by means of the word of God. REV 19:10; HEB 10:15-17; 1JO 5:13. A. In the Scriptures, the Holy Ghost assures the BELIEVER that HE is a child of God and an heir of glory. 1JO 5:1; 3:14, 24; ROM 8:16-17; 1PE 4:12-14; REV 2:7, 11, 17, 26-29; 3:5-6, 12-13, 21-22. B. Note how the majority of the New Testament with its assurances is addressed to members of the church. VII. The Spirit is the earnest of the believer's inheritance. 2CO 1:22; 5:5. A. Earnest: "Money, or a sum of money, paid as an installment, esp. for the purpose of securing a bargain or contract. Also, fig. A foretaste, installment, pledge, of anything afterwards to be received in greater abundance." B. The Holy Spirit is our foretaste of future glory until the resurrection of our body, the purchased possession. EPH 4:30; ROM 8:23. C. The joy and peace that the Spirit produces in a believer's life is a foretaste of the abundance of joy and peace that will be his portion forever in heaven. Sealed With That Holy Spirit of Promise

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