Psalm 112:4

Psalm 112:4 Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness... I. Light is a very desirable thing. PRO 15:30; ECC 11:7. A. light: The natural agent or influence which evokes the functional activity of the organs of sight. B. To be without light is to be without direction. JOB 12:24-25; JOH 11:9-10; 12:35; 1JO 2:9-11. C. We need a vision to guide us or we perish. PRO 29:18. D. God's light leads us through the darkness that we experience in this world. JOB 29:1-5. II. Although darkness is a problem for us, it is never so for God. PSA 139:12. III. Note the type of character to whom the promise of PSA 112:4 is directed. PSA 112:1-9. A. The upright fear the Lord, delight in His commandments; they are gracious, full of compassion, and righteous; they trust the Lord; they give to the poor. B. Compare this promise with 2SA 22:22-29; PSA 18:28. C. Light is sown FOR THE RIGHTEOUS to be reaped by them. PSA 97:11. IV. The word of God is a light to guide us. PSA 119:105, 130; PRO 6:23. V. Following are examples of PSA 112:4. A. In Job's day God gave men instructions “...In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men...” (JOB 33:14-18). B. Abraham walked by faith not knowing whither he went, but knowing where he was not going. HEB 11:8; GEN 12:1-7. 1. As he sojourned in obedience to God, God appeared to him and showed him the land as He had promised. 2. appear: To come forth into view, as from a place or state of concealment, or from a distance; to become visible. 3. We must walk as far as the light is shining upon our path and then we shall discover more light. PRO 4:18. C. While in the darkness, God told Abraham what lay in store for him and his seed. GEN 15:12-21. D. Though Isaac was being pushed from place to place, the Lord appeared to him IN THE NIGHT and assured him. GEN 26:16-24. E. When Jacob fled from his brother Esau, God appeared to him IN THE NIGHT and assured him. GEN 28:10-17 c/w GEN 35:1. F. The Lord led Israel BY NIGHT in the wilderness in a pillar of fire to give them light. EXO 13:21-22. G. In a time when the word of the Lord was precious and there was no open vision, the Lord's word came to Samuel as he was “...LAID DOWN TO SLEEP” (1SAM 3). H. When Solomon felt so unable to lead Israel, God appeared to him BY NIGHT and gave him a wise and understanding heart. 1KI 3:5-12. I. When Jehoshaphat was confronted with a great company coming against him and did not know what to do, God sent a word of instruction and assurance. 2CH 20:1-24 c/w PSA 34:4-5 and PSA 27:1-3. J. When Daniel was on the verge of being destroyed because none had been found to interpret Psalm 112:4 Page 1 of 2  Nebuchadnezzar's dream, God revealed the interpretation to Daniel IN A NIGHT VISION. (DAN 2:12-19). K. When Joseph was minded to put Mary away, the Lord appeared to him IN A DREAM as he slept and directed him. MAT 1:18-25. L. When Herod was about to destroy the Christ child, an angel appeared to Joseph IN A DREAM instructing him to flee. MAT 2:13-14. M. On “the same NIGHT” that Herod would have brought Peter forth to kill him, a light shined in prison where Peter was sleeping and an angel of the Lord led him out. ACT 12:1-11. N. Being hindered from going to Asia and Bithynia, a vision appeared to Paul IN THE NIGHT directing him where to preach. ACT 16:6-10. O. The Lord directed Paul IN THE NIGHT BY A VISION to preach at Corinth. ACT 18:9. P. The Lord assured Paul IN THE NIGHT that he would bear witness of him at Rome and this on the eve of a plot to take his life. ACT 23:11-33. Q. During a storm when neither sun nor stars appeared for many days and all hope of being saved was lost, the angel of the Lord stood by Paul IN THE NIGHT and assured him that all would survive and Paul would stand before Caesar. ACT 27:18-26. VI. Jesus Christ came a light into this world of darkness. MAT 4:13-16; LUK 2:32; JOH 1:4-5. A. Those who follow Christ shall not walk in darkness. JOH 8:12; 12:46. B. While Christ was in this world, He was its light. JOH 9:5; 12:35-36. VII. When Christ left this world, He sent another Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to guide us. JOH 14:16. A. The word translated Comforter in JOH 14:16 is translated advocate in 1JO 2:1. B. The Holy Spirit is with us as our attorney to strengthen, encourage, aid, and counsel us. C. The Holy Spirit guides, leads, and enlightens us. JOH 16:13; ROM 8:14; EPH 1:17-18. D. The Spirit guided the apostles and prophets immediately and guides us through their word, the Scriptures. JOH 14:26; EPH 3:3-5. E. The New Testament given through the apostles is “...a light that shineth in a dark place...” (2PE 1:16-21). 1. We should heed this light until the day dawn and the DAY STAR ARISE in our hearts. 2. There is coming a day when night shall be no more. REV 22:5. a. The default condition of this world is darkness. b. The default condition of that world is uninterrupted light. 3. Jesus Christ will finally dispel all our darkness both without and within. VIII. Light will be given to those who repent. JOB 33:27-30; EPH 5:5-14. IX. Those who are led by the light God sends will go to church and worship Him. PSA 43:3-4. X. Brethren who walk in the light have true fellowship and ongoing cleansing. 1JO 1:7. Psalm 112:4 Page 2 of 2
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