Manna A. Definitions. 1. manna: The substance miraculously supplied as food to the Children of Israel during their progress through the Wilderness. (See Exodus xvi.) 2. omer: A Hebrew measure of capacity equal to the tenth part of an ephah, or 5.1 pints Imperial measure. B. The first giving of the manna is detailed in EXO 16. 1. Here all other passages in Scripture where the word “manna” appears: NUM 11:6-7, 9; DEU 8:3, 16; JOS 5:12; NEH 9:20; PSA 78:24; JOH 6:31, 49, 58; HEB 9:4; REV 2:17. 2. It is also referred to by other terms like angel’s food (PSA 78:24) and bread of heaven (NEH 9:15) and alluded to in various other scriptures like MAT 4:4. 3. The manna was not of earth but from heaven: a special provision for God’s Israel that could not be found nor manufactured of the elements under the bondage of corruption. C. Israel had just left Egypt and fully seen the power of God to deliver from death about forty-five days earlier by the time of EXO 16:1-3. 1. Their walk through the Red Sea was by faith but a weak, reluctant faith. HEB 11:29 c/w PSA 106:7-12. 2. Weak faith is better than no faith but strong faith is best since it trusts God implicitly in spite of apparent impossibility. ROM 4:20. 3. “They soon forgat his works...” (PSA 106:13) and defaulted to their “security and supply” Egyptian bondage as preferable to liberty and God-blessed faith. a. They preferred death by God’s hand in Egypt where their bread was secure than life by God’s hand in the wilderness where their liberty was secure. Such is the mentality of godless socialists. b. They had just sung the victorious song of EXO 15:15 yet are here acting like the progenitor of Edom (Esau) who sold his birthright for lunch. HEB 12:17. c. Later they even used the language of the Promised Land to refer to Egypt. NUM 16:14. d. They had been baptized but their hearts were still in Egypt (1CO 10:1-2; ACT 7:39), and ill-fated is the man whose heart is not as immersed in Christ as his body was in water. But see ACT 8:37-38. e. Do not fool yourself about the power of temptation to give up on Christ because of everyday problems which are ultimately under the control of the God of supplies and everyday needs. (1) Keep priorities straight. MAT 6:30-34; PHIL 4:19. (2) Expect God to bless prayer and faithful labor for daily bread. MAT 6:11. f. Mind the curious increase of their faith where they willingly ate what was on the ground after quail covered the camp (EXO 16:13-18) but so is our nature to believe where there is something tangible or pleasing to the flesh (JOH 20:24-29). How quick are men to bless God when He gives but not when He takes away? JOB 1:21. D. The manna was God-sent but labor was still needed. Sloth thinks such a bother. PRO 21:25. E. An analogy may be drawn between manna and Scripture, per MAT 4:4. 1. Scripture is heaven-oriented and heaven-sent. ACT 7:53; 2PE 1:21; 1PE 1:12. 2. It is our superior food since it feeds our souls. JER 15:16; JOB 23:12. Manna 6-10-23 Page 1 of 2 3. Regular consumption is vital. PRO 8:34; ACT 17:11. 4. Get it hidden in your heart. “There be times when ye’ll be thankful for any scrap of Scripture ye can get.” (Long John Silver, paraphrased) PSA 119:11; 1CO 15:1-2. 5. Scripture, like manna on the ground, needs effort to benefit. ISA 34:16. 6. Scripture, like manna, needs faith to benefit. 1TH 2:13 c/w HEB 4:2. 7. Scripture, like manna, needs prompt application to benefit. HEB 3:7-9; JAM 4:17. 8. Scripture and faith, like manna, will get us to the Promised Land. a. Scripture is our sufficiency until the day of Christ when we will be fitted for the fullness of knowledge. JOH 20:30-31; ACT 1:7; 1CO 13:12. b. Faith as we now use it can fill us with the essence and proof of heaven (ROM 15:13: HEB 11:1) but will not so be needed when Christ takes us in there. F. The manna ultimately speaks of Christ. JOH 6. 1. Christ is the true Bread as opposed to the manna which was a figure of the true. JOH 6:31-35. 2. Like the manna, Christ was/is a “What is it?” (the meaning of manna) to men. MAR 4:41; 6:2-3; LUK 24:17-27. 3. Like the manna, Christ was laid up before the Lord as a hidden witness. HEB 9:24; REV 2:17. 4. Those who partake of Christ shall never hunger, thirst or die. JOH 6:35, 47-58; REV 7:16-17. Manna 6-10-23 Page 2 of 2

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