Jesus Christ Is King Part 1

Jesus Christ Is King I. Jesus Christ, who was made of the seed of David, has been raised to sit on David’s throne as king. A. This is the very gospel which we confess. B. At the opening of the New Testament Jesus Christ is introduced as the Son of David. MAT 1:1. C. At the close of the New Testament Jesus Christ is presented as the root and offspring of David. REV 22:16. 1. He is David’s root, David’s Creator: the divine nature. 2. He is David’s offspring, biological son, the human nature. 3. He is David’s lord and David’s son. MAT 22:42-45. D. Christ was born king of the Jews. MAT 2:1-2. E. Our salvation is wrapped up in the Son of David. LUK 1:67-70; ACT 13:22-23; JER 23:5-6; 2SAM 23:1-5. F. According to the gospel, Christ was prayed to as the Son of David. MAT 9:27; 15:22; 20:30-31. G. According to the gospel, Christ was worshipped as the Son of David. MAT 21:9, 15-16 c/w MAR 11:10 & LUK 19:38. H. The Jews rejected Christ as their king when Pilate presented Him to them as such. JOH 19:14-15. I. Christ was crucified as king of the Jews. MAT 27:37. J. The gospel stresses that Christ is made of the seed of David. ROM 1:1-3; 2T1 2:8. K. Being the seed of David, Christ is heir to David’s throne. II. The kingship of Jesus Christ was promised to Judah. GEN 49:8-12. A. Of all the tribes of Israel, Judah was the royal tribe, which held the sceptre and from which came the lawgiver. B. King David came from the tribe of Judah. 1CH 2:3-15. C. These prophecies are fulfilled in Christ who was of the tribe of Judah. HEB 7:14. 1. He is given praise and preeminence. COL 1:18; REV 5:9-13. 2. He triumphs over His enemies. 1CO 15:25-26. 3. He is the lion of the tribe of Judah Who rests from His conquest. REV 5:5. 4. Christ brings Shiloh (tranquility and rest). 5. Unto Him shall the gathering of the people be. EPH 1:10; MAT 25:31-32. 6. v. 11 depicts the richness of Judah’s vineyards. a. The vines were such that one could bind an ass to them. b. Wine was plentiful enough that clothes could be washed in them. c. The countenance reflected the abundance of wine and milk. v. 12. d. Christ offers to His people such abundance. ISA 55:1-2; JOH 4:13-14; 10:10. III. Balaam prophesied of the kingship of Jesus Christ. NUM 24:15-19. A. The king who holds the sceptre is called a Star out of Jacob. B. Inasmuch as the stars rule, a star is a fitting name for a king. GEN 1:14-18. C. Jesus Christ is the bright and morning star. REV 22:16. D. Christ has dominion and possesses all His enemies. 1PE 4:11; JUD 1:25; PSA 2:8. E. Balaam together with every eye shall behold Jesus Christ. REV 1:7. Jesus Christ is King 10-2-22 Page 1 IV. God made a covenant with David in which He promised the kingship of Jesus Christ who was made of the seed of David. 2SAM 7. A. The occasion of announcing this covenant was when Nathan told David that he would not be permitted to build God’s house. vs. 1-11. 1. David did not like that he dwelt in a better house than did the ark of God. v. 2. 2. He did well in that it was in his heart to build the house of God. 1KI 8:17-18. a. David was typical of many who with good intention design to do great things for God but without clear directive from God, and sometimes ignorant zeal for God is contrary to God. LUK 9:52-56; ACT 26:9. b. Let not the “great thing” overlook the “little right thing.” 2KI 5:13; LUK 10:38-42. 3. David was not held responsible to build this house inasmuch as God had never commanded it. vs. 5-7. 4. He was not allowed to build the house because he had shed much blood upon the earth. 1CH 22:7-10. a. The house of God would be built in times of peace by Solomon whose name means peaceable. b. This house typifies heaven where there is perfect peace. HEB 9:23-24; ISA 57:1-2; 65:25. c. There is perfect peace where God abides. ISA 26:3. 5. God promised to make David a house. v. 11. B. The Lord then announced His covenant with David, which contains the following promises. vs. 12-17; PSA 89:3-4; 132:11. 1. When David was sleeping with his fathers, his seed would be set up after him. 2. God would establish the kingdom of this seed of David. 3. David’s seed would build an house for God’s name. 4. God would establish the throne of David’s seed forever. 5. God would sustain a father/son relationship with David’s seed. 6. God’s mercy would not depart from David’s seed. C. The Lord performed the words of the covenant when He set up Solomon to be king after David. 1KI 8:14-20. 1. Solomon’s kingdom was established. 1KI 2:12. 2. Solomon built a house for God’s name. 1KI 8:20. 3. Solomon’s throne would be established forever if he kept the law. 1KI 9:4-5. 4. God sustained a father/son relationship to Solomon. 1CH 28:6. 5. God’s mercy was upon Solomon. 1KI 8:22-25; 11:9-13. Jesus Christ is King 10-2-22 Page 2

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