Jesus At God's Right Hand

Jesus At God’s Right Hand A. PSA 110 is one of the richest Messianic psalms. It prophesies (directly or implied) of: 1. the deity of Jesus Christ. 2. the dual nature of Jesus Christ: God and man. 3. the superiority of Jesus Christ over King David and the Levitical priesthood. 4. the sufferings and glory of Jesus Christ. 5. the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. 6. the coronation and reign of Jesus Christ. 7. the judgments of Jesus Christ as King. B. PSA 110:1 is cited in MAT 22:44; MAR 12:36; LUK 20:42; ACT 2:34-35; HEB 1:13. 1. “LORD” in PSA 110:1 is “Jehovah,” the existing One, the eternal God. 2. PSA 110:1 is the only O.T. text which, when cited in the N.T., retains “LORD.” a. There are other significant O.T. texts where “LORD” appears but the capitalization does not carry over in the N.T. Eg. ISA 53:1 c/w JOH 12:38. b. There is something special about PSA 110:1. 3. The Apostles elsewhere refer to its language and purport. 1CO 15:25; EPH 1:20-22; PHIL 2:9-11. 4. “Lord” in PSA 110:1 translates “adon” (SRN H113) which means sovereign, owner, master. This lord is Whom Isaiah saw in ISA 6:1. C. PSA 110 depicts Jesus Christ in His resurrected state upon the Davidic throne of promise. 1. The throne of David promised to David's seed was going to be “...established for ever as the moon, and as a faithful witness IN HEAVEN” (PSA 89:34-37), not in earth. 2. Jesus Christ now has David’s throne because of His resurrection and ascension. ACT 2:29-36. a. The promised Davidic throne’s filling would be when David was dead in the grave (2SAM 7:12-13), which was the case when Christ rose from the dead. b. The expectation of life and lasting pleasure at God’s right hand was what supported Christ in His torments unto death. PSA 16:8-11 c/w ACT 2:25-28; HEB 12:2. c. Contrast the above with the dispensational theory of a future throne on earth for Jesus Christ after He has raised all O.T. saints (including David) from the dead. 3. To deny a present fulfillment of PSA 110:1 would demand also a denial of a present fulfillment of PSA 110:4. a. This would strip Jesus Christ of His present High Priestly office as a King-Priest. HEB 6:20-7:2. b. The true Messiah has since His ascension to heaven been fulfilling ZEC 6:12-13 as “...a priest upon his throne...” c. Believers see Christ now crowned with glory and honour, holding a royal sceptre of righteousness for the salvation of His people and an iron rod for the judgment of the nations. HEB 2:9; 1:8; PSA 2:9 c/w REV 2:26-27. 4. Messiah’s reign would be “ the midst of thine enemies” (PSA 110:2), descriptive of the present reign of Christ from heaven, not of an imagined future reign on earth when He has vanquished His enemies. D. Compare PSA 110:2-3 with MAT 28:18-20. 1. Post-resurrection, the gospel went forth from earthly Zion. LUK 26:46-49. 2. It did so by the Holy Ghost from heavenly Zion. ACT 1:8; 1PE 1:12. 3. Note that Messiah’s people would be a willing people, not conscripts put into His service by the will of another. E. The resurrected Messiah would be at the right hand of the LORD. Jesus At God’s Right Hand 7-23-23 Page 1 of 2 PSA 110:1 c/w ACT 2:33; ROM 8:34. 1. There He has replaced the Law which condemned us. c/w DEU 33:2. 2. Christ took the law out of the way and in its stead is at God’s right hand as our Intercessor and Advocate. 1JO 2:1-2. F. Christ is especially (per PSA 110:1) described as being seated at God’s right hand. MAT 26:64; MAR 16:19; EPH 1:20; HEB 1:3, 13; 8:1; 12:2; COL 3:1. 1. This is significant because it distinguishes His single, perfect priestly sacrifice (of Himself) from the inadequate, continual sacrifices of the Levitical priesthood. HEB 10:11-13. 2. There was no chair provided for the Levitical priests in the O.T. tabernacle or temple. Their work was never adequate enough to justify “taking a chair.” 3. That Christ is seated at God’s right hand speaks to the perfection of salvation by a full and final atonement, and this is our comfort of hope. ROM 5:7-11. G. There was one time, post-ascension, where Christ was seen standing in glory. ACT 7:54-60. 1. Have you ever stood to cheer on a hero to the finish line, or stood with someone who really needed your support? c/w 2TI 4:16-18. 2. Stephen had faith like Jesus. LUK 23:46. 3. (PSA 116:15) Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saints. Jesus At God’s Right Hand 7-23-23 Page 2 of 2

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