Hebrews 9:4

A. ark: A chest, box, coffer, close basket, or similar receptacle; esp. a. in north. dial. a large wooden bin or hutch for storing meal, bread, fruit, etc. 2. spec. in Jew. Hist. The wooden coffer containing the tables of the law, kept in the Holiest Place of the Tabernacle. Also called Ark of the Covenant, Ark of Testimony. B. What men died for trying to look into (1SAM 6:19), we may look into by faith and perceive our need for Christ. C. There was a golden pot that had manna in it. c/w EXO 16:32-36. 1. The manna was a miraculous provision from God for their lives. EXO 16:12-15. a. They were to eat what was on the ground the morning after quail covered the camp. b. Faith is not entirely divorced from sense but must sometimes overrule it. 2. The word “manna” means “what is this?” 3. It was angels' food, the bread of heaven. PSA 78:24-25; 105:40. 4. It normally putrefied when stored but did not so on the sabbath. EXO 16:19-26. 5. The manna represented the faith of God to provide for needs. 6. The manna ceased upon Israel's entrance into the promised land. EXO 16:35. 7. The manna in the pot was a witness that was hidden. 8. From all this we may be reminded that: a. Christ is our miracle manna from God for eternal life. JOH 6:48-51. b. Christ was/is a strange “what is this?” to men. MAR 6:2; JOH 16:17-18; ACT 17:18-19. c. Christ is the life and sustenance of angels. REV 5:11-14. d. our works putrefy outside of Christ our Sabbath. ISA 64:6 c/w ROM 4:5; GAL 5:4; HEB 4:10. e. Christ is able to provide for every need. JOH 1:16; PHIL 4:19. f. Christ is as hidden manna for overcomers. REV 2:17. (1) We overcome now by faith. 1JO 5:4. (2) Our faith in the unseen Witness shall cease upon entrance into the heavenly Canaan. HEB 11:1 c/w 1CO 13:12-13. D. There was Aaron's rod that budded in it. c/w NUM 17:1-13. 1. Aaron's budded rod demonstrated life in spite of being cut off to die. 2. It confirmed God's chosen high priest and so spoke of particular choice. 3. It was a token against rebels who rejected God's ordained minister and rule. 4. From these things we may be reminded that: a. the Levitical priesthood would endure only until Christ. (1) There was a succession of buds, blossoms and almonds on the rod. (2) The flourishing of the almond tree is associated with waxing old and dying. ECC 12:5. (3) The Law (which empowered the Levitical priesthood) waxed old and died with the coming of Christ with a superior priesthood. GAL 3:19; HEB 8:13; 7:11-17. b. Christ is our Branch (ZEC 6:12) and the rod of God's strength (PSA 110:2) Who was “...cut off out of the land of the living” (ISA 53:8). c. Christ was “...approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs...” (ACT 2:22). d. Christ was declared to be the Son of God by His resurrection. ROM 1:4. e. Christ's resurrection confirms Him as High Priest. HEB 7:21-25. f. Christ's resurrection confirms Him as King and Ruler. PSA 2:1-9 c/w ACT 2:29-32; 13:32-34; REV 2:26-27. g. Christ's resurrection is not just A sign to rebels; it is THE sign that should “...take away their murmurings from me, that they die not” (NUM 17:10). MAT 12:39-40; ACT 2:36-40; 3:23-26. h. Christ's resurrection was a fruit-bearing one. JOH 12:23-24; 1CO 15:20. i. God will make known whom He has approved in the church. 1CO 11:19; 2CO 10:18. E. There were the tables of the covenant in it. c/w DEU 10:4-5. 1. The Law was Israel's wisdom. DEU 4:6. 2. The Law spoke of human inadequacy, cursing and death. GAL 3:10-12. 3. The Law was under the mercy seat. 4. God dwelt where His rule was. 5. From these we may be reminded that: a. in Christ are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. COL 2:3. b. Christ is our mercy seat, our propitiation Who is set between God and His Law which condemns us (ROM 3:25; 1JO 2:1-2; ROM 10:4). That which makes the difference is not more law or new law, but mercy! TIT 3:5. c. the Old Covenant of “do and live” had shortcomings but the New Covenant of “Christ did, you live” or “live and do” is of a different nature. HEB 8:7-12. d. Christ still dwells where His rule is. HEB 8:10-11; JOH 14:23; EPH 3:16-17. e. if we look into our hearts, Christ should be there and ruling. 1JO 3:19-21. F. Consider that each of the articles in the ark of the covenant spoke against God's people. 1. The Law's perfection condemned us in general. GAL 3:10. 2. The golden pot of manna was a witness of God's provision over against their murmurings to the contrary. EXO 16:12. 3. Aaron's budded rod was a witness against murmuring rebels who contested God's ordained ministry and rule over them. NUM 16:11. 4. The mercy seat covered all. a. The same Greek word (hilasterion, SRN G2435) translated “mercyseat” (HEB 9:5) is also translated “propitiation” (ROM 3:25). b. Christ covers all of our inadequacy, murmuring, doubt and rebellion. HEB 8:12; COL 2:13.

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