Grace Part 2

V. (JOH 1:17) For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. A. Certainly, the concept of God’s grace towards man may be found in the O.T. and Moses himself recorded such a personal case. EXO 33:12-23. 1. Mind the significance of v. 19 which shows grace and mercy to be the province of God. c/w ROM 9:11-16. 2. Even in this intimate, close encounter with God, man in his corrupt nature experiencing grace could not behold the full face of God. 3. Even a vision of God’s glory condemned Isaiah. JOH 12:41 c/w ISA 6:1-5. 4. Consider, though, the difference that the Incarnation made: God allowed His glory to be beheld by sinners. JOH 1:14 c/w LUK 9:26-31; 2PE 1:16-18. B. There was certainly truth in the law of Moses. PSA 119:151. C. The Law was good and spiritual, but not man. ROM 7:12-14. D. The “do and live” Law Covenant (ROM 10:5) had a fault: man. HEB 8:7-8. E. The Law’s teaching was unattainable righteousness and shut men up to the full plan of God in truth by Jesus Christ. GAL 3:10, 23. Grace 6-18-23 Page 2 F. Jesus Christ did for man what no other man could do by merit or sacrifice. ROM 8:3; HEB 7:11, 19; 10:1; GAL 3:13; 2CO 5:21. G. Moses and the prophets were familiar with the concept of grace but the “do and live” covenant eclipsed the Sun of righteousness (MAL 4:2) concerning the truth about righteousness before a holy God. Those O.T. prophets knew by the Spirit that the perfection of grace was not to be in their season. 1PE 1:10-12. H. The true grace of God was reserved for the New Covenant in the blood of Christ and the Spirit’s revelation via Jesus Christ and His apostles. By these, men could know the grace of God in truth. 1PE 5:12; COL 1:6. 1. This saving grace is according to God’s election unto Christ’s obedience and blood. 1PE 1:1-2 c/w ROM 11:4-5. 2. This grace in Christ not only reserves the elect to God, it preserves them. JUDE 1:1; 1TH 5:23-24. 3. Unlike the Old Covenant, the New Covenant of grace permanently secures the true riches of inheritance: heaven. 1PE 1:3-4. 4. The Old Covenant laws made transgressions abound since it increased breakable laws. ROM 4:15. a. The multiplying of laws only exacerbated the fallen nature of man by the Old Covenant’s “do and live” righteousness, making sin the reigning power. b. But the New Covenant of grace in Christ is a better reign in the soul since it perceives Him as the end of the law for righteousness. ROM 5:20-21; 10:4. I. The Law had bites of grace and truth but Jesus Christ is full of grace and truth. JOH 1:14. 1. Mary was highly favoured (LUK 1:28) but Hail Jesus, full of grace! 2. Hail Jesus, the Truth! JOH 14:6. J. (JOH 1:17) For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. 1. The Old Testament closed with a curse. MAL 4:5-6. 2. The New Testament closes with grace. REV 22:21.

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