God's Discrimination

God's Discrimination I. discriminate: To make or constitute a difference in or between; to distinguish, differentiate. (See EXO 11:7) II. Why do men find fault with God's discrimination when they regularly discriminate? A. Men make discriminating choices in religion, values, political leaders, purchases, associations, foods, residences, communities, charities, jobs, commitments, etc. B. Men choose one spouse to the disregard of many others. C. Men choose to adopt one needy child out of many. III. This message refutes the notion that God must give equal opportunity to all in order to be just. A. This is the objection made to the doctrine of election. B. God has chosen out of the fallen mass of mankind a people for Himself. ROM 9:6-24; EPH 1:3-5. 1. This number includes Jews and Gentiles. 2. God has left the rest of mankind to the just consequences of their choice. ROM 5:12, 18; JOH 3:19-21. C. Damnation is justly merited; salvation is freely bestowed. ROM 6:23; 5:18; 3:24. IV. God has the right to dispose of His creation as He wills. DAN 4:34-35; ROM 9:20-21; MAT 20:1-15. V. Why did God not give to the other parts of His creation the aptitudes and opportunities He gave to human beings? A. Why did not God show mercy upon the inanimate creation and give it life as He did the dust of Adam? B. Why did not God give to the beasts a spirit that goes upward at death? ECC 3:19-21. VI. Why does God discriminate in the animal realm? A. Why did God deprive the ostrich of wisdom? JOB 39:13-17. B. Why did God not give the horse and the grasshopper equal strength? JOB 39:19-25. VII. Why did God provide no redemption to the angels that sinned? 2PE 2:4; JUDE 1:6; HEB 2:16. VIII. Why did God bypass the other idolaters and call Abraham who was also an idolater? GEN 12:1-3; ISA 51:2; JOS 24:2-3, 14-15. IX. Why did God choose one nation and bypass others when that nation was also wicked? DEU 32:7-9; LEV 20:24-26; EZE 20:5-9; DEU 9:4-6. A. Why did God not choose a nation of more people instead of the fewest of people? DEU 7:6-8. B. Why did God discriminate against the Egyptians if the Israelites were idolaters as well? EXO 8:20-24. C. Why was no passover provided for the Egyptians? EXO 12:3-7, 12-13. X. Why did God single out only one family of the nation of Israel for the office of priesthood? NUM 18:1, 7; HEB 5:4. God's Discrimination Page 1 of 2 XI. Why did God choose one man to be king over Israel instead of allowing a free election of anyone who wanted the office? 1SAM 16:6-12. XII. Why was Elijah sent to only one widow and why did Elisha heal only one leper? LUK 4:25-28. XIII. Why did Jesus not heal all the infirmed people at Bethesda? JOH 5:1-9. XIV. Why were not the mighty works done in Tyre and Sidon that had been done in Bethsaida and Chorazin? MAT11:20-22. XV. Why does God not give all gifts to everybody in the church? 1CO 12:4-11, 28-30. A. Why did Jesus not admit into the apostolate anyone who wanted it? MAR 3:13-15. B. Why does God only give SOME pastors and teachers? EPH 4:11. C. Why does God make a distinction in the sexes in that He bars women from public ministry? 1CO 14:34-35; 1TI 2:11-12. XVI. Why does God put burdens on some that are not put on others? JON 3:1-2; JOH 21:18-22. XVII. God discriminates because it is His sovereign right to do so. A. It is a woeful thing to take issue with God’s sovereignty. ISA 45:9-10. B. God severely judged some for insisting that all the congregation should have the privilege of the priesthood. NUM 16; PSA 106:16-18. C. Those who take issue with God’s discrimination are partaking in the gainsaying of Core. JUDE 1:11. God's Discrimination Page 2 of 2
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