Galatians Part 10 - Galatians 1:21-24

F. What Paul experienced in conversion and suffering gave rest, comfort and growth to the churches. ACT 9:30-31. (1) God knows that seasons of relief are needed. 1PE 5:10. (2) Seasons of peace should promote the building of God’s house. 1CH 22:9-10. (3) Seasons of challenge need not halt the building of God’s house. EZR 4:23-24; 5:1-2 c/w HAG 1:2-4. (4) The word of God (by which the house of God is built numerically and spiritually) is to be advanced in all seasons. 2TI 4:2. vs. 21-24. 1. Having escaped Jerusalem, Paul came to Caesarea and Tarsus. ACT 9:29-30. A. Tarsus was of Cilicia and Paul’s hometown. ACT 21:39. B. It is interesting that Paul passed through Caesarea where Cornelius the centurion lived. ACT 10:1. (1) No mention is made of Paul preaching or baptizing in Caesarea. (2) No mention is made of Philip having a role in Cornelius’ conversion, though he made Caesarea his home. ACT 8:40; 21:8. (3) The conversion of Cornelius fell to Peter by the choice of God. ACT 15:7. (4) Timing and divine will and providence are factors in evangelism. ACT 16:6-10. C. Paul evidently abode at Tarsus until God opened the door of faith unto the uncircumcised Gentiles (ACT 11:18, 25) during which time Peter’s activities in ACT 9:32 began to lead him to Caesarea. 2. Paul “...was unknown by face to the churches of Judaea which were in Christ: But they had heard only...” (vs. 22-23). A. This further underscored his declaration that he had not received his gospel by any other than Christ. GAL 1:12, 16-17. B. Though there was no personal interfacing, yet the good news of Paul’s conversion spread. v. 23. (1) Telecommunication technology was not needed. (2) The knowledge of Jesus Christ Himself does not depend on personal interfacing with Him but on a current of information from reliable sources who did personally interface with Him. 1JO 1:1-3. 3. The churches of Judaea did not have the whole story about Paul’s conversion but they nevertheless glorified God in Paul. v. 24 c/w 2CO 9:13. A. One should rejoice and glorify God for even limited portions of good news! PSA 119:162; MAT 13:45-46; LUK 23:46-47. B. Paul’s post-conversion works were light for others glorifying God. MAT 5:16. C. This fulfilled Paul’s great hope for his life in Christ: that God would be glorified. PHIL 1:20; GAL 6:14. D. All good gifts and works that we may have are owing to God Who gives and enables. JAM 1:17; 1CO 4:6-7; 1:26-31; 1PE 4:10-11. E. Even our liberties are to be governed by whether God is glorified. 1CO 10:31. F. Christ sought not His own glory, but that of the Father. JOH 8:50; 7:18. G. The very glory of God was at issue in the Galatian churches since they had strayed from the gospel of justification by God’s pure grace unto one of justification by grace plus man’s works (which robs God of glory). (1) God is very jealous of His glory. ISA 48:9-11. (2) In heaven, God alone is glorified for redeeming salvation. REV 7:9-12.

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