Gold Snuffers

  • By Pastor Boffey
  • on Wednesday, July 23, 2014
(Exodus 37:23) And he made his seven lamps, and his snuffers, and his snuffdishes, of pure gold. This chapter of Exodus details the building of the furnishings of the O.T. tabernacle by a fellow named Bezaleel (EXO 37:1), a man whom God filled “...with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship” (EXO 31:2-3) even as Jesus Christ being so filled makes us His workmanship (EPH 2:10) and is able to make us “...throughly furnished unto all good works” (2TI 3:16-17). Bezaleel's name means “in the shadow of God,” which is curiously appropriate since the tabernacle, its furniture and its service were all “...a shadow of good things to come...” (HEB 10:1), a “...shadow of heavenly things...” (HEB 8:5). They were all grayscale figures of Jesus Christ and His High Priestly offering of Himself to purify heavenly things with His blood on behalf of His people (HEB 9:22-26). There were many furnishings in that O.T. tabernacle, as is evident by this chapter and other places in Moses' books. Preeminent and central to everything was the ark of the covenant in which were “...the tables of the covenant...” (HEB 9:1-5), the law which was Israel's wisdom (DEU 4:6) and God's promises to His people. Thus, it is Jesus Christ “IN whom are hid all of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (COL 3:1-3) and “...all the promises of God IN him are yea, and IN him Amen...” (2CO 1:20) for the eternal covenant “...was confirmed before of God IN Christ...” (GAL 3:17), even “...the promise of life which is IN Christ Jesus” (2TI 1:1). The many furnishings in this chapter, even the insignificant pieces like the snuffers, were made of or overlaid with gold, which is noted for its beauty, utility, value, durability and its unique atomic property which defies counterfeiting. This also may remind us of Christ Who is beautiful in glory and works, immortal, of inestimable utility and value to the elect and cannot be counterfeited---there is none like Him: He is the “...only begotten Son...” (JOH 1:18) Who uniquely had power to lay down His life and take it up again (JOH 10:17-18) and “ himself purged our sins...” (HEB 1:3). The pure gold snuffers of the tabernacle (our text) command our attention inasmuch as all the components of the tabernacle hint of Jesus Christ. A snuffer is “an instrument used for snuffing, or snuffing out candles” and snuffing is “the action of removing the burnt part of a wick from a candle or lamp” (Oxford English Dictionary). He is both willing and able to snuff His disciples who are “...the light of the world...” (MAT 5:14-16 c/w PHIL 2:15), to remove from us that which is unnecessary and which taints our testimony. This He does by rebukes and chastening: instructive rebukes to take away impurities (which are like the burnt wick), and chastening to punish our resistance to the rebukes (2TI 3:16-17; 2TI 4:2-3; HEB 12:5-11). He is a pure gold snuffer, fully qualified by His sinlessness for the task, the Father having committed all judgment into His hands (JOH 5:22-27). Hence, we see Christ examining His erring churches with threats to even take away their candlestick (REV 2:1-6). Mind that a snuffer is also used for snuffing out candles, and this should put the fear of God in professing believers. They may through obstinate rebellion against truth be turned over to darkness and delusions (2TH 2:10-12), their light snuffed out, and, like the salt that loses its savour, be “...good for nothing...” (MAT 5:13). He may even snuff them out physically as happened to Ananias and Sapphira (ACT 5:1-11): their testimony to the world had burned out to where they were nothing but burnt wick; they were wicked. He even reserves the right to punish scandalously sinning parents by allowing their children to die, a sobering chastening for King David (2SAM 12:13-14) and a threat to a wicked woman in the church at Thyatira: (REV 2:23) And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give to every one of you according to your works. Did the first half of this meditation please you? What about the second half? All of Jesus Christ is pure gold, even His work as Judge. He should be loved for His golden salvation, and feared for His golden judgments. Any other Christ is fool's gold.

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