Blessed Are The Peacemakers

peacemaker: One who makes or brings about peace; one who allays strife or reconciles opponents.

A. There are times for war and peace. ECC 3:8. 1. Believers are in an ongoing war with the world, the flesh and the devil. ROM 12:2; 8:5-8; EPH 6:11. 2. We are to earnestly contend for the faith, for the truth. JUDE 1:3; GAL 2:5, 14. 3. Yet while shunning evil and warring against it, we are to “...follow after the things which make for peace...” (ROM 14:19), and thus be assured of the blessing of MAT 5:9. 4. The Adamic nature is contrary to the way of peace. ROM 3:17.

B. Observations. 1. There is a false peace that comes by compromising godly principle. 2. Some of the things which make for peace may require us to sacrifice our personal peace. 3. One who is not at peace with God because of sin will struggle to be at peace with others, especially if another’s goodness condemns him. Remember King Saul.

C. Brethren are especially to “...have peace one with another” (MAR 9:50). c/w 1TH 5:13. 1. Hatred frustrates this. PRO 10:12. 2. Wrath frustrates this. PRO 15:18. 3. Pride frustrates this. PRO 28:25. 4. Lack of forbearance and forgiveness frustrates this. PRO 19:11; COL 3:12-13; 1CO 6:7. 5. Fretting and discontentment frustrates this. COL 3:14-15 c/w PHIL 4:6-7. 6. What kind of testimony to the world is a church of internal strife? JAM 4:1-2. 7. Internal strife must be handled properly. MAT 18:15-17; PRO 25:9-10. 8. If brethren must strive, let it be positive strife. ROM 15:30; PHIL 1:27; HEB 12:4.

D. When possible, we are also to “ peaceably with all men” (ROM 12:18). 1. This command shows that pacific ideals may sometimes be impossible. 2. Sin can make men implacable (That cannot be appeased; irreconcileable; inexorable: of persons, feelings, etc). ROM 1:31; PSA 120:6-7. 3. Separation may be necessary. GEN 13:7-9; PRO 21:9. 4. Let peace be the default position as much as possible because once strife starts, it’s hard to stop. PRO 17:14. 5. Hasty strife can bring humbling shame. PRO 25:8. 6. How we react to offense can be the difference between war and peace. PRO 15:1, 18.

E. We may have opportunity or need to help others at strife to come to peace. LUK 22:24-27. 1. Such help is not always well received. ACT 7:26-27. 2. Avoid meddling in others’ strifes. PRO 26:17. a. Life will provide you plenty of opportunity for strife without meddling in others’. b. Work quietly and mind your own business. 2TH 3:12; 1TH 4:11. c. Sometimes folks simply need a little time and space to work out their differences on their own terms. 3. Beware of manufactured strifes that divide people otherwise at peace. PRO 6:12-19.

F. True peace is a fruit of righteousness. ISA 32:17; JAM 3:17-18. 1. Righteousness and peace have kissed each other. PSA 85:10. 2. There is no peace to the wicked. ISA 57:19-21. 3. It is a false peace that is purchased at the expense of righteousness, and often short-lived. JDG 14:15-17; 15:6; JOH 11:48-53. 4. It is a false peace and safety which the world longs for and gives that Christ will suddenly destroy in His day. JOH 14:27 c/w 1TH 5:2-3. 5. Our Lord’s priesthood is King of righteousness before King of peace. HEB 6:20-7:2.

G. Christ is the great Peacemaker, the Prince of Peace. ISA 9:6. 1. His Testament reconciled believing Jew and Gentile. EPH 2:14-15. 2. He paid a dear price to reconcile us to God. ISA 53:5; COL 1:20. 3. Those who preach this accomplished reconciliation preach the gospel of peace. 2CO 5:18; ROM 10:15. a. They preach the proper response of practical reconciliation, that the children of peace stop fighting against the God of peace. 2CO 5:20. b. The obedient therefore can avoid chastening in order to find the peaceable fruit of righteousness. HEB 12:5-11. 4. True peace with God and men flows from Christ. a. Through Him, we are no longer God’s enemies. ROM 5:10. b. Through Him, we learn how to live in true peace with brethren and men in general, where possible, without compromising righteousness. ROM 12:18. c. Through Him, we can show others a better way of peace than this world offers: one which is attended by the God of peace. PHIL 4:8-9.

H. (MAT 5:9) Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

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