1 Peter 1:5-7

1 Peter 1:5-7 v. 5. A. This verse teaches the final preservation of the elect. PSA 37:28. B. It is the power of GOD that keeps His people. JOH 10:27-29. 1. God is greater than all. 2. Thus, His keeping power is irresistible: “...NO man is able to pluck them out...” C. This keeping is through faith. 1. If this is the faith of God's children, then there is a danger that they will not be kept since they do not always have faith. 2. These passages set forth examples of children of God without faith: MAR 4:40; 16:14; ROM 11:26-31; HEB 3:17-19. 3. This preservation is through God's faith. ROM 3:3; 1TH 5:23-24; 2TI 2:13; PSA 89:29-34; 2SAM 23:5. 4. Children of God are new spiritual creatures in Christ (2CO 5:17). Their faith is no more what guarantees their preservation than the faith of the natural creation guarantees its preservation. NEH 9:6 c/w 2PE 3:7. D. The elect (v. 2) are kept unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. 1. This is the future phase of salvation which entails the redemption of the body. HEB 9:28; ROM 8:23; PHIL 3:20-21. 2. This phase of salvation will be revealed when Christ appears or is revealed the second time. 1JO 3:2; 2TH 1:7; 1PE 1:13. 3. This salvation is even now ready; the inheritance is reserved. v. 4. 4. This salvation will be revealed in the last time. JOH 6:39. a. This present age is the last time. 1JO 2:18. b. The coming of Christ at the end of this age will end time. c. This flatly refutes the notion that saints will receive their final phase of salvation in a secret rapture BEFORE the appearing/revelation of Christ. d. Similarly, it also refutes the notion that there is an age to come in this world AFTER the final phase of salvation. v. 6. A. These believers were in heaviness which is a state of sorrow. ROM 9:2; JAM 4:9. B. This heaviness was brought on by manifold temptations. 1. “Temptations” in this context refers to trials or testings. GEN 22:1 c/w HEB 11:17 c/w JAM 1:2-3, 12. 2. Their trials were manifold which means they were numerous and varied. 3. Believers face the same conflicts as Paul, whose conflicts were quite manifold. PHIL 1:29-30; 2CO 4:8-10. C. These temptations come “...if need be...” 1. If the trial is there, it is there for a purpose; it is needed. 2. The trial will never be more than is needed. JOB 34:23; PSA 119:75. 3. God knows us better than we know ourselves; He knows what needs to be purged from us through trials. JOH 15:2. 4. Paul was given a trial to prevent him from falling into pride. 2CO 12:7. a. Trials tend to humble. DEU 8:2-3. b. Those without trials tend to become proud. PSA 73:3-6; JOB 21:7-15. 5. Believers should therefore justify God in their trials rather than themselves. 1 Peter 1:5-7 6-15-14 Page 1 of 2 JOB 32:1-2; 23:1-4; 40:1-8; 42:6. D. These temptations are only “...for a season...” E. These believers were greatly rejoicing in their salvation, even though they were in a state of heaviness. 2CO 6:10. 1. The believer is not left with ONLY heaviness as this would break him down. PRO 12:25 c/w PRO 15:13. 2. If God's certain salvation is prized, it will provide an antidote to the heaviness of temptations. 2CO 4:17-18; HEB 10:34. v. 7. A. These manifold temptations are a trial of faith. 1. trial: The action of testing or putting to the proof the fitness, truth, strength, or other quality of anything; test, probation. 2. Trials prove whether faith is real or feigned (1TI 1:5) or trials reveal what is lacking in faith. PRO 24:10. 3. By removing creature comforts, God tests His children to see if their faith rests in Him or the creature. 2CO 1:8-9; DEU 8:2-3. 4. Trials purge the believer of pride (as noted above) which is the opposite of faith. PRO 28:25. 5. Trials have the same purifying effect on faith that fire has on gold; hence, trials are spoken of as fiery. 1PE 4:12. B. The trials that accompany faith provide a built-in discipline for the church. 1. They prove the true believers from the counterfeits. MAR 4:16-17. 2. Many would alter the gospel to take away the offense; this renders it more acceptable to those who feign faith. GAL 6:12. C. The trial itself is deemed more precious than perishing gold because it refines that which God values more highly than gold, namely faith. JAM 2:5. D. A tried faith will glorify the Lord at Christ's appearing. PHIL 1:9-11. E. A tried faith will be honoured at Christ's appearing. MAT 25:21; ROM 2:10. 1. Many do not have this tried faith because they do not seek this honour that comes from the Lord. JOH 5:44; 12:42-43. 2. These believers were willing to forego the honour of men to have the commendation of God. 1PE 3:16; 4:3-5. 1 Peter 1:5-7 6-15-14 Page 2 of 2
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