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We are an historic baptist church that believes in the Divine inspiration and authority of the King James Bible as the word of God in English which is the only standard of our beliefs and practices. As the scriptures teach, we believe that only believers in the Lord Jesus Christ may be baptized, and that baptism is necessary for membership in a local church. The local church was meant to be a vessel for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ; the expression on earth of His divine government of the kingdom of heaven; a cote into which His sheep should obediently press for safety, comfort, instruction, improvement of faith and all attendant blessings of the Holy Spirit Who indwells it. For more information on our beliefs and practices, please read our Statement of Beliefs.

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Known and Loved

(1 Corinthians 8:3) But if any man love God, the same is known of him.

Transgenderism (Part 2)

59:10 minutes (11.57 MB)

I. The terms associated with this topic are many and are often invented outgrowths of the basic issue. This study will focus on basics.
A. “Transgender” is itself a relatively novel term. It does not appear in my hardcover OED
(1971 edition).
1. A newer CD-ROM version of OED defines transgender: “adj. Of, relating to, or
designating a person whose identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender, but combines or moves between these; transgendered.”

Transgenderism (Part 1)

55:37 minutes (10.8 MB)

2. 3.
The New Oxford American Dictionary defines transsexual: “a person born with the physical characteristics of one sex who emotionally and psychologically feels that they belong to the opposite sex.”
The use of transsexual or transgender to describe essentially the same group is somewhat controversial within that group.

The Reformation of the Kingdom of God (Part 6)

74:16 minutes (14.62 MB)

The Reformation of the Kingdom of God
(Hebrews 9:10)
I. Definitions.
A. kingdom: Kingly function, authority or power; sovereignty, supreme rule; the position or
rank of a king, kingship.
B. power: II. As a person, body or thing. One who or that which is possessed of or exercises
power, influence, or government; an influential or governing person, body or thing; in
early use, one in authority, a ruler, governor.
C. The kingdom of God is the government of God.
D. government: The action of ruling; continuous exercise of authority over the action of

Some Thoughts on Abraham

71:09 minutes (13.92 MB)

Some Thoughts on Abraham
1. God called Abram alone out of Ur. GEN 12:1; ISA 51:2.
A. Prior to his calling, Abram was an idolater as were his family. JOS 24:2, 14-15.
B. His father, Terah, took the family out of Ur because of what God had said to Abram.
GEN 12:1 c/w GEN 11:31 c/w ACT 7:2-3.
C. Blessed is that man whose calling from God motivates those around him in spite of their natural opposition. c/w MAT 13:55-57.

The Fear of God

74:52 minutes (14.74 MB)

The Fear of God
I. Our God is love (1JO 4:8) but also a consuming fire (HEB 12:28-29) Who “...ought to be feared” (PSA 76:11).
A. The fear of God was implied before sin entered the world. GEN 2:17.
B. Adam was afraid of God after sin entered (GEN 3:10) but this fear could not prevent
1. Had Adam's love of God been perfect, this latter fear would not have come.
1JO 4:18; 3:21.
2. Such is the consequence of not loving God above all as we should. MAT 22:37.
C. Adam chose to not fear God when he chose to sin.
1. This is the pattern of our failures.

The Fellowship of the Truth

74:21 minutes (14.51 MB)

The Fellowship of the Truth
(2 Corinthians 13:8) For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.
I. fellowship: Partnership; membership of a society. Participation, sharing (in an action, condition, etc.); 'something in common', community of interest, sentiment, nature, etc.
II. Few things in Christian life can compare with the comfort, satisfaction and sense of belonging that we derive from fellowshipping with others with whom we have something in common.
A. We need the mutual support and company of others. 1CO 12:25-26.

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage

49:01 minutes (9.64 MB)

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage
I. The covenantal nature of marriage.
A. Two people are so bound as to be considered one. MAT 19:4-6.
B. No other is to be looked upon or thought upon as the object of marital love.
JOB 31:1 c/w GEN 20:16.
C. A spouse is deemed such by covenant or vow. MAL 2:14.
D. Husband and wife are bound together in marriage. ROM 7:1-3.
E. Marriage is a God-ordered contract, vow, or covenant between a man and a woman. Both
are bound by the law of God to be faithful to the contract and society is bound to respect that contract. EXO 20:14, 17; JOB 31:9-12.

The Reformation of the Kingdom of God (Part 5)

78:50 minutes (15.47 MB)