I. At times in Christian experience, for various reasons, a Christian's zeal for God, His word, His house, His service and His people might wear thin or grow cold. Ministers need to consider that and act accordingly. ISA 50:4.
A. In a culture where sin abounds and temptation is on every side, true love may become cold.
MAT 24:12.
1. Perilous times are not defined by political or economic trouble but by rampant sin.
2TI 3:1-5.
2. An inordinate affection for the world and the flesh can choke God's word (LUK 8:14) and lure one into abandoning the faithful. 2TI 4:10.

Sunday School

Sunday School
I. Does the Bible teach a Sunday School system such as one sees in modern day Christendom?
II. First of all, we are commanded to prove all things, which includes Sunday school. 1TH 5:21.
A. prove: To make trial of, try, test.
B. The Bible is the SOLE standard of truth whereby all things are to be proved.
PSA 119:1-3, 11, 104-105, 128; ACT 17:11; ROM 3:4.
1. Personal feelings and thoughts are not the standard for church practice.
ACT 26:9-10.
a. (PRO 14:12) There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end
thereof are the ways of death.

Regeneration and Conversion

Regeneration and Conversion
I. It is commonly assumed that regeneration and conversion are referring to the one and the same thing: the change of man's inward nature which brings him out of death in trespasses and sins into a state of grace and spiritual life.
II. Definitions.
A. regenerate: In religious use; to cause to be born again in a spiritual sense; to invest with
a new and higher spiritual nature.
B. convert: To turn in position or direction. To turn (a thing or oneself) about, to give a
different (or specific) direction to.

Be Not Conformed To This World

Be Not Conformed to This World
I. Christians are commanded to "be not conformed to this world" (Rom 12:2).
1. The Lord instructs us to be nonconformists.
A. Conformv.-1.trans.Toform,shape,orfashionaccordingtosomepattern,model, or instruction; to make of the same form or character, to make like.
B. Wearethereforenottopatternourthoughtsandbehaviorafterthewayofthis world.
C. We should not look, act, and think like the people of this world.
2. We are in the world, but we must not be of the world (Joh 17:11 c/w Joh 17:14,16; Joh
15:18-19; 1Co 5:9-10).

For The Righteous Sake

For the Righteous Sake
I. One of the great themes of Scripture is God's willingness to spare men for the sake of someone else's righteousness. 2CO 5:21 c/w ROM 5:19.
A. There are numerous examples of where even the imperfect righteousness of one (or a
few) was remembered by God and others were accordingly delivered.
B. There are other cases where one's righteousness would spare only himself.
II. Sodom, Gomorrah and their neighboring cities became so wicked that God eventually destroyed them. GEN 13:13; 18:20-21 c/w JUDE 1:7.

The Successful Project


Love, Knowledge, Judgment

Love, Knowledge, Judgment
(Philippians 1:9-11)
A. There is very little correction in Paul's letter to the church at Philippi, and the corrections are mildly tempered. PHIL 2:30 c/w PHIL 4:10; PHIL 4:2.
1. The tone of the letter is a positive one.
2. Paul thanked God every time he remembered them. PHIL 1:3 ct/w 1CO 1:14-15.
3. They were faithful in his absence. PHIL 2:12 ct/w GAL 1:6.
4. They had been concerned about Epaphroditus' health. PHIL 2:26.
5. They had been forward in supporting Paul in his labors. PHIL 4:14-18.

Thoughts on Making Decisions Part 11

Thoughts on Making Decisions
I. We know we are to walk by faith, not sight. 2CO 5:7.
A. We are to trust God rather than our own understanding. PRO 3:5-6.
B. We read in Scripture of God's providential direction of men's lives and may even have
experienced the same in our own lives.
C. We may be persuaded that because God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives, we
are relieved of the responsibility of personal decisions, and, after all, God makes all things
work together for our good.

The Holy Kiss

The Holy Kiss
Here are the N.T. verses which command the brethren to kiss:
(Rom 16:16) Salute one another with an holy kiss. The churches of Christ salute you.
(1Co 16:20) All the brethren greet you. Greet ye one another with an holy kiss.
(2Co 13:12) Greet one another with an holy kiss. (1Th 5:26) Greet all the brethren with an holy kiss.
(1Pe 5:14) Greet ye one another with a kiss of charity. Peace be with you all that are in Christ Jesus. Amen.
There are two important terms to define: