A Biblical Primer on Wealth (Part 2)


I. How you handle your wealth reveals a lot about your character. LUK 16:10-11.

A. Do not set your heart on wealth, nor trust in uncertain riches.

PSA 62:10; 1TI 6:5-10, 17.

B. MAT 6:19-21. What one values most is where his heart will be. Examine yourself in the light of the following passages:

1. PSA 4:6-7. What brings you the greatest joy?

2. PSA 84:10; 137:6. How highly do you value God's house?

3. PSA 119:72. Do you esteem God's law above your wealth?

4. PRO 18:10-11. What is your defence?

A Biblical Primer on Wealth

A BIBLICAL PRIMER ON WEALTH                            
I.  How you handle your wealth reveals a lot about your character.  LUK 16:10-11.
 A.  Do not set your heart on wealth, nor trust in uncertain riches.

The Promise of the Messiah

The coming of the Messiah was prophesied throughout the Old Testament.  John Kishishian traces the promise of the Messiah through the scriptures beginning in Genesis, showing how God revealed more and more information about the Messiah over time.  The prophets foretold of the coming King who would reign on the throne of David forever who would be God himself.

Unconverted Elect

The Power of God Unto Salvation (Part 1)

          THE POWER OF GOD UNTO SALVATION (Romans 1:16-17)
Power:  "The ABILITY to do or effect something or anything, or to act upon a person or thing."
I.          The word "gospel" means good tidings.  ISA 61:1 c/w LUK 4:18.

Job 1:21


I.  God intends that there be distinctions between the sexes and those distinctions are  not to be confused. They extend to:
 A.  Apparel. DEU 22:5.
 B.  Sexual relations. LEV 18:22; ROM 1:27.
 C.  Authority. 1CO 11:7-10; EPH 5:22-24; 1TIM 2:12.
 D.  Mannerisms. 1CO 6:9.
            1. Effeminate: Of persons: That has become like a woman: a. Womanish, unmanly, enervated, feeble; self-indulgent, voluptuous; unbecomingly delicate or over-refined.

Christ, Our Greater Tabernacle

I.  As central as the religious system of the Law was to Israel, Paul nevertheless  emphasizes its shortcomings and how that it was only typical of the reality of Christ  and His redemptive work.  HEB 10:1-4, 11; 8:1-5. 
II.  HEB 9:1-7.  Paul describes the layout and order of the O.T. tabernacle/service.