2 Peter 1:16-18 -- The Majesty of Jesus


A. Peter here defends the basis of the faith he declares. "We have not followed cunningly devised fables...." (v.16).

1. Fable: "A fictitious narrative or statement; a story not founded on fact. b. esp. A fictitious story relating to supernatural or extraordinary persons or incidents, and more or less current in popular belief; a myth or legend."

2. Mark the various warnings in Scripture about fables.

1TI 1:4; 4:7; 2TI 4:4; TIT 1:14.

3. The Christian faith is unlike the mystery religions which presume to teach morals and principles based on fables.

The Support of the Ministry

I.  It is a godly duty to financially support the minister of God. 1CO 9:7-14.
      A. Benefactors of spiritual things are properly rewarded with carnal things by
            the beneficiaries. ROM 15:27 c/w LUK 8:2-3.
 B.  Special consideration should be given to able elders whose life's work is in    the word of God. 1TI 5:17; GAL 6:6.
            1. Communicate: "To give to another as a partaker; to give a share of..."

The Holy Spirit (Part 2)

The Holy Spirit (Part 1)

I.  The Holy Spirit (or Spirit of God) is also called the Holy Ghost.
 MAT 3:16 c/w LUK 3:22.
II.  The Spirit has personality; hence, He is not just a force.
 1CO 2:10-11; ROM 8:26-27; 1TI 4:1; JOH 14:16-17.
III.  The Holy Spirit is declared Deity. 
      ACT 5:3-4; ISA 6:5, 8-10 c/w ACT 28:25-27.
IV.  Consider the diverse operations of the Spirit. 1CO 12:4-6; REV 1:4.
 A.  The Spirit takes part in creation. GEN 1:2; JOB 26:13; 33:4.

Nehemiah: Lessons In Building (Part 4)

Nehemiah 4
vs.1-5.  Persecution was turned over to God in prayer.
          A.      Frustrated by the determination and success of God's people, the enemy tried to stir up trouble.  c/w ACT 4:16-17; 13:49-50; 14:1-2, 19.

Times of Refreshing

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage

I.  The covenantal nature of marriage.
 A.  Two people are so bound as to be considered one. MAT 19:4-6.
 B.  No other is to be looked upon or thought upon as the object of marital love.    JOB 31:1 c/w GEN 20:16.
 C.  A spouse is deemed such by covenant or vow. MAL 2:14.
 D.  Husband and wife are bound together in marriage. ROM 7:1-3.
 E.  Marriage is a contract, vow, or covenant between a man and a woman. Both   are bound by the law of God to be faithful to the contract and society is    bound to respect that contract. EXO 20:14, 17; JOB 31:9-12.

Nehemiah : Lessons In Building (Part 3)

Note: These are the study notes for the full series in Nehemiah so far (not just part three).

I.  Believers have a ministry of building.
 A.  They are commanded to build themselves up on their most holy faith. 
            JUDE 1:20.
 B.  To edify means to build up.
  1.  Ministers are to edify the body of Christ. EPH 4:11-12.
  2.  Church members are to edify one another. 1TH 5:11.

The Age of Accountability? (Part 2)

Accountable: "Liable to be called to account, or to answer for responsibilities or conduct; answerable, responsible."
I.  Some affirm a doctrine called the "age of accountability."
 A.  This doctrine is designed to give a comforting explanation about the final    state of young children who die, particularly those who die without the    gospel. 
            1. It is not based on Scripture, but the attitude of ISA 30:10.