The Trial of Abraham's Faith

2 Peter 1:16-18 -- The Majesty of Jesus


A. Peter here defends the basis of the faith he declares. "We have not followed cunningly devised fables...." (v.16).

1. Fable: "A fictitious narrative or statement; a story not founded on fact. b. esp. A fictitious story relating to supernatural or extraordinary persons or incidents, and more or less current in popular belief; a myth or legend."

2. Mark the various warnings in Scripture about fables.

1TI 1:4; 4:7; 2TI 4:4; TIT 1:14.

3. The Christian faith is unlike the mystery religions which presume to teach morals and principles based on fables.

The Support of the Ministry

I.  It is a godly duty to financially support the minister of God. 1CO 9:7-14.
      A. Benefactors of spiritual things are properly rewarded with carnal things by
            the beneficiaries. ROM 15:27 c/w LUK 8:2-3.
 B.  Special consideration should be given to able elders whose life's work is in    the word of God. 1TI 5:17; GAL 6:6.
            1. Communicate: "To give to another as a partaker; to give a share of..."

The Holy Spirit (Part 2)

The Holy Spirit (Part 1)

I.  The Holy Spirit (or Spirit of God) is also called the Holy Ghost.
 MAT 3:16 c/w LUK 3:22.
II.  The Spirit has personality; hence, He is not just a force.
 1CO 2:10-11; ROM 8:26-27; 1TI 4:1; JOH 14:16-17.
III.  The Holy Spirit is declared Deity. 
      ACT 5:3-4; ISA 6:5, 8-10 c/w ACT 28:25-27.
IV.  Consider the diverse operations of the Spirit. 1CO 12:4-6; REV 1:4.
 A.  The Spirit takes part in creation. GEN 1:2; JOB 26:13; 33:4.

Nehemiah: Lessons In Building (Part 4)

Nehemiah 4
vs.1-5.  Persecution was turned over to God in prayer.
          A.      Frustrated by the determination and success of God's people, the enemy tried to stir up trouble.  c/w ACT 4:16-17; 13:49-50; 14:1-2, 19.

Times of Refreshing

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage

I.  The covenantal nature of marriage.
 A.  Two people are so bound as to be considered one. MAT 19:4-6.
 B.  No other is to be looked upon or thought upon as the object of marital love.    JOB 31:1 c/w GEN 20:16.
 C.  A spouse is deemed such by covenant or vow. MAL 2:14.
 D.  Husband and wife are bound together in marriage. ROM 7:1-3.
 E.  Marriage is a contract, vow, or covenant between a man and a woman. Both   are bound by the law of God to be faithful to the contract and society is    bound to respect that contract. EXO 20:14, 17; JOB 31:9-12.

Nehemiah : Lessons In Building (Part 3)

Note: These are the study notes for the full series in Nehemiah so far (not just part three).

I.  Believers have a ministry of building.
 A.  They are commanded to build themselves up on their most holy faith. 
            JUDE 1:20.
 B.  To edify means to build up.
  1.  Ministers are to edify the body of Christ. EPH 4:11-12.
  2.  Church members are to edify one another. 1TH 5:11.