Christ's Second Coming Part 4

Christ’s Second Coming: When? How?
I. Jesus Christ has promised to come again. MAT 24:30; ACT 1:11; HEB 9:28.
A. Various things such as resurrection, judgment, rewards, etc. are associated with His
B. A correct understanding of the Second Coming should settle the heart.
JOH 14:1-3; 1TH 1:9-10.
C. A denial of the Second Coming is an open door to hedonism. 1CO 15:32; 2PE 3:3-6.
D. A corruption of the Second Coming can unsettle the heart (2TH 2:1-2) and misdirect
thought and action.
1. Example: The time of Christ’s coming is not known (MAR 13:32-37; 1TH 5:1-2).