I. Repentance is a tenet of the gospel. MAT 3:1-2; MAR 1:14-15; LUK 24:46-47; ACT 20:20-21.
II. repent: To affect (oneself) with contrition or regret for something done; to change one's mind with regard to past action or conduct through dissatisfaction with it or its results.
A. Repentance involves sorrow over what was done, not just sorrow over consequence.
2CO 7:9-11; GEN 4:13-14.
B. It involves a change of mind. 1KI 8:46-48; MAT 21:28-31.
III. Repentance is obedience to a commandment of God. ACT 17:30.
A. God gives the ability to repent. ACT 5:31; 2TI 2:25.