Dealing With Problems

Dealing With Problems
I. We will have problems in this world. JOH 16:33.
II. View problems from God's perspective.
A. God's dominion extends over all. DAN 4:34-35.
B. There can be no problem without God's permission. JOB 1:12; 2:6.
C. God has a purpose worthy of Himself in that which He permits. PSA 76:10.
D. God knows and understands your problem. JOB 23:10; PSA 31:7; 147:5.
E. God loves and cares for His people, and purposes to do us good even when He chastens us.
1JO 4:9-10; 1PE 5:7; HEB 12:5-11.
F. God has a good purpose for you in permitting problems in your life.