The Church Meeting at Mizpeh

The Church Meeting at Mizpeh
(1 Samuel 7:3-12)
I. The ark of the covenant which was the token of God’s presence had been taken by the Philistines as a judgment of God on Israel. 1SAM 4:10-11.
A. The ark housed the written law of God which was Israel’s chief advantage.
HEB 9:4; ROM 3:1-2.
B. Well was it said of that tragedy, “...The glory is departed from Israel...” (1SAM 4:21-22).
C. The Philistines suffered a plague of emerods for demeaning the ark of God with
heathenism (1SAM 5 c/w PSA 78:66). So they sent it back to Israel with superstitious
golden images. 1SAM 6:4-5.