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Christian Relationships & Trends

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In celebration of the eighth year anniversary of the Cincinnati Church, we invited Pastor Conrad Jarrell of the Las Vegas Church to visit. It was only fitting that he should be invited since he was one of the ministers involved in the evangelism that resulted in the establishment of this church.

Overview of Manuscript Evidence

129:19 minutes (14.8 MB)

Pastor Jarrell presents an overview of the manuscript evidence for the authenticity of the King James Bible and its underlying text, the Hebrew Masoretic and the Greek Textus Receptus. Powerful biblical evidence is presented for the preservation of God's word through these lines of text.

Six Laws of This Present World

118:19 minutes (13.54 MB)

Pastor Jarrell discusses six laws governing the world system and the powers behind them and how Christians can and should live in the midst of it all.


80:23 minutes (16.7 MB)

Pastor Conrad Jarrell teaches on the Pharisees.